I’m just gonna lay down here on the sidewalk for a second.

That’s kind of how I felt at the end of my run last night. I didn’t pass out from the heat or anything! The speed work had me gasping for air by the end and the grass looked so soft and inviting! The only thing that actually kept me from laying down was the promise of chocolate milk – like the siren’s song, it called to me from the fridge. So I went and sat on the kitchen floor. I hydrated, I stretched, I drank sweet, sweet chocolate milk. Sometimes the only thing that keeps my spirit up during a run is knowing that it’s waiting for me, the carrot in front of my nose. 

I ran a fartlek, and it was way more successful than past attempts! For starters, I ran (I mean like, between running and sprinting) for a good portion of the excursion. Like, maybe at least 1/3 or 1/4. I started at a comfortable pace and then ran, then tried to go back to the comfortable pace, but I always wound up needing to walk. So it progressed like this for a while: jog, sprint, walk. Jog, sprint, walk. Especially at the end, I was running on sidewalks shaped like a D: I alternated the jog, sprint, walk between the straight part and the curve. I kept trying to really keep my feet going faster when I was running, because if I want to run faster, I’m going to need my lungs to get used to working when I run faster. So far, they have been….. uncooperative. I can’t quite say it was fun, but I can say it was successful, and that does make me happy! I love the wind in my face when I run, but there was really no wind at all to save me, just that really damp, heavy, humid air we get before thunderstorms in the summer. (and boy, did we have thunderstorms last night!)

I didn’t exactly run a mile in 15 minutes. My GPS watch was dying so I tested the Runtastic app on my phone, so I can’t be sure of how accurate the info is. It seemed pretty dead-on, though, and it has some cool features, so it’s a good back-up for when I forget to charge the watch. I guess my timing was good, a little under 3K in 30 minutes. Hoping to shave some of that time down by October.

1.84 miles in 30 minutes. I am running circles around this apartment complex. I need more space. I’m like a hermit crab that’s outgrowing its shell. 


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