The Color Run! Painful Decisions … and my first tattoo!

My training has been coming along quite nicely. I’m maintaining a decent pace. I’m swinging my arms more, which is strangely helping me to not get too tired too quickly. It’s weird, like, you wouldn’t think that swinging your arms would affect how quickly you run out of breath, but yay, arm swinging!

I did my speed workout on Tuesday? Wednesday? I did another run on Thursday. I used the app on my phone again because I still hadn’t charged my GPS watch. It was a tough one – I tried to stick to shady sidewalks because it was HOT IN THAT SUN. I wound up running in circles on this 1/10 mile tree-lined loop.

Friday was a cross-training day. I was supposed to go to Kim’s house to sleep over in preparation for The Color Run on Saturday morning. I did neither, because Gary’s dad is still in the hospital, and worrying and waiting is incredibly draining.

You wouldn’t think that doing nothing is exhausting, but there’s a lot of stress and anxiety and not wanting to see him suffering but there’s nothing we can do about it because he has a Living Will and the next step really all depends on how you interpret the Living Will so basically we can’t help him, we can’t stop his suffering, we can’t make him better, and there’s lot of discussion with differing opinions about what to do next, and it’s just such a complicated and tense situation. The next few weeks will be tough, no matter what happens: our motto continues to be “We just want this to be over.” I can’t watch this family continue to suffer.

I know this is all very depressing, but I want to be true to myself, and this blog is about my life and I needed to just be able to say that out loud.

Onto a happier subject: in fact, the happiest 5K ever, The Color Run! I think they call it the happiest 5K because when it’s done, taking a shower make you the happiest you’ve ever been in your whole life! It was PACKED. We finished and some people hadn’t even started yet! I walked about half of it with Kim. I think the running plan I’ve been using is actually doing some good because on the portions I was running, I found myself actually running faster than normal. I was really impressed! We picked a landmark to run to, mostly the next color station. I never had to stop running because I was tired and that was awesome.

Then today… I got a tattoo! I’ve had the idea for a long time, just needed to get the urge to actually go through with it. I geocache, and there are fun things called trackables that you might find in your cache: you buy a dog tag with a scarab design and special code on it, then attach the tag to a toy or other item, and then send it out into the world in a cache container. The next person to find the item enters the code on the geocaching website: they can take the item and move it to another container, or they can just say that they discovered it. I am now a trackable! Gary bought me a dog tag and I got the code inked on my leg today. I cut the code off this picture, because, you can’t log me unless you find me!

photo 2


6 thoughts on “The Color Run! Painful Decisions … and my first tattoo!

  1. Big hugs – feeling for you going through you Dad in law’s illness. It’s your blog, tell us what you need to x And well done on the colour run, I Joe there are some photos coming 🙂 the concept of the tatoo is fascinating!

  2. Sorry to hear about Gary’s dad. 😦

    Yay to running, although I still don’t get it, Justin does it and I am supportive. I’m supportive of anything that makes people happy.

    Now, about this tattoo business, do I need to click my pen at you missy? That is AWESOME!!! I love the idea of it, and I know how long you’ve wanted one. Congrats!

    • Thanks for the support – I don’t want to be a grown up anymore and have to deal with grown up things!

      You really need to see this tattoo in person, it’s honestly the best travel bug tattoo I’ve ever seen.

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