Another Milestone… Get it, milestone?!?!

This past weekend I went to my friend Manisha’s wedding and we so happened to be sitting at a table with… another runner. We compared tattoos… we talked a little geocaching… and of course, we talked running. She was training for a marathon and her next long run was 10 miles. I asked her questions about my biggest marathon-related fear: how long is your longest training run? The answer = 20 miles. But… if your longest run is 20 miles, and the marathon is 26.2 miles, how can you possibly be prepared to run the whole thing? She said (I paraphrase), “By that point, you’re so over running and you’ve already run 20 stinking miles that running another 6 miles just to be done is not that big of a deal.” Marathons continue to seem less scary and more within my reach.

We also talked training plans- she was using Hal Higdon’s marathon plan, and I want to boost my game a bit, so the next day, I started looking for a plan that I might be able to stick to. I need something fun that includes speed intervals and cross training, and I found this plan with Run the Edge that’s sort of like a board game. There are six levels with a few different workouts, and you have to complete workouts to earn points to move up to the next level. I did the first workout Sunday: a 20 minute easy run. I walked a bit but mostly ran. Then I cross trained (i.e. carried heavy things out of my MIL’s garage and into a dumpster) and today I decided (at 9:30 PM) to do another workout. Next up: the fartlek. It was twenty minutes of speedy & easy running (with some walking during the easy run sections) and I was already at half a mile at six minutes again. Quick calculations told me I could probably run faster than last time… Maybe even a mile under thirteen minutes! People, I don’t know how it happened, but I ran a mile in 12:33. Woohoo! Now that it’s 10:30 PM I have to clean up and get to bed. Tomorrow is a rest day, thank God.


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