Well, That Explains That.

So recently, I bought this running plan. Awesome, right? I purchased it from Run the Edge because it looked interactive and fun, and I was curious. They had two plans, Premium and Ultimate, and well, both sound like the best, right? It’s like having two sizes, Large and Grande. Sirs, your names are vague. Anyways… Premium plan had six levels called Running Start (designed to get you to the finish line), and Ultimate plan has the same six level and then six more levels of fun with harder workouts to crush your previous 5K time, so I’m thinking “well… I want to crush my 5K time from last year so…Go Big or Go Home” and I bought the Ultimate! I read through the guide – inspected my six levels, trying hard not to read ahead because I want to be surprised at what I’m going to accomplish. My first run was pretty long, twenty minutes, but I figured, hey, what the heck. This is designed for people who have already run a 5K and are looking to Go Big or Go Home. My next run was a fartlek, nothing new – 2 minute fast, 3 minutes easy. That’s not so unlike other workouts I’ve done. The next big run was 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes brisk, and 10 minutes easy. OK… I know I’ve run a few 5Ks, but this was a little rough for me. That’s a long run, 40 minutes altogether. I gave it a go….I got through the easy 10 minutes with a little walking, but then my calves were really killing me when I started the brisk run. I was sort of anticipating the pain because 20 minutes seems really tough even at an easy pace. I got through five minutes of the brisk run (very tough but I’m proud of those five minutes), and I finished off my mile on my walk home. I was sort of disappointed in myself… this is only the first level and I can’t make it through the third workout? How could my body be betraying me right now? Why do my legs hurt so much? This seems like a really tough plan…

This is the Running Start, really? A solid 40 minute run seems tough for beginners. Then it occurs to me… wait, my guide only has six levels. I bought the guide that’s supposed to have twelve levels. I searched every page for my missing (and, it is hoped, easier workouts) but I could only find…. six. Apparently, I only got the “Ultimate” levels, not the Running Start levels, so I started on the harder workouts prematurely…. and I can’t find the Running Start levels anywhere in my guide. Time to email support. I hope they’re quick – I want to get started again tomorrow! I guess there’s a little bit of a bright side though. At least I’m not quite the failure I thought I was! I got through two of the tougher workouts.


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