The Depressing Realization

I’ve been saying to my husband that I’m totally impressed with my improvement, and I was like, How on earth did I get better so quickly? And he joked, maybe your watch isn’t accurate. WELL GUESS WHAT. IT’S NOT.

I’ve used a Garmin watch for a long time and recently switched to the MapMyRun app for iPhone so I could connect with my friends. Today, I used both. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time to sort of gauge what’s going on.

According to the MapMyRun app, I ran 1.23 miles, at a pace of 15 min/mile. According to my Garmin watch, I ran 1.08 miles, which puts me firmly in the 16 minute mile range. I know which one I’d really like to believe!

I don’t know what’s more depressing, finding out that I haven’t been logging the miles I thought I was, or that after all this time, I thought I was getting faster and I’m totally not. Mainly, I’m just sort of disappointed that I was led to believe that I was doing so much better than I really am. @#$% you, MapMyRun. I trusted you.


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