Today’s GRR Moment

When I ran on Monday I encountered some major disappointment: my training was not quite as far ahead as I thought it was. Big-time bummer. While I’m sort of bummed that I’m not getting faster, I’m also bummed that I’m not tackling longer distances. I’ve been running for over a year, blogging for almost a year, and I’m barely scratching the mile / mile and a half surface. I know fitness takes time, so I’m trying to be patient, and hoping that this progress is normal.

I also experienced some lower back pain. I’ve had some trouble with that in the past, and I’m not sure what brings it on. Maybe I’m just pushing myself too hard and it’s time to take a little break – so that’s my GRRR of the day. I can’t run tonight and I need to evaluate how I feel tomorrow. I’ve been trying to squeeze a lot of stuff into a little time lately and finally, something had to give.

Another GRRR occurred today when I got a flat tire on my way home from a final exam (I’ve been taking a finance class). Not too much fun, but at least I was in a place where I could pull off to the side of the road safely. AAA responded quickly to help my change the tire, although I wish they’d been more helpful in telling me where I could buy a new tire. They suggested Walmart, but the one I went to didn’t have an auto section. Someone at Walmart suggested a tire place called Crescent Tire, but they didn’t have the tire in stock, so they suggested I go to a place called Tire Corral – not exactly the most inspiring name, but they got me hooked up in a cheap way. At least I passed the exam!


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