Active Weekend & the Evolution of Packing

Gary and I are still in the midst of packing and biding our time. Closing on the house is less than two weeks away and then begins the Great Move of 2014. We have now thrown out our couch, which wasn’t coming with us to the new house anyway, and we are slowly replacing its void with boxes. I am sort of but sort of not looking forward to the nights before our move, where we’ll have to reposition all our furniture so that the big stuff will be closest to the door to put into the U-Haul.

What I am really looking forward to in a giddy kind of way is unpacking and finding new homes for all our stuff. I find some weird pleasure in picking just the right spot for an item, and I step back and admire how it brings the whole room together, and the light shines through the Headpiece on top of the Staff of Ra, and it reveals the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Mainly I just want the seller to leave so we can start moving in. She’s a very nice lady and she’s taken really great care of the house so it’s in really good condition and she was really excited to find out that I bake and prefer to let clothes hang to dry and will continue to put birdseed in the bird feeder, but she never lets you leave a conversation after you say good-bye the first ten times, and I’m glad she’s moving across the country because, let’s face it, she loves this house, and I’m sure she’d be unhappy if she ever found we were going to change anything (not that we’re planning on changing anything… are you reading this?). I’m a little awkward about taking ownership of things that once belonged to other people. Sometimes they resent the way you are using said thing, even though it totally belongs to you now, and imagine if they knew you threw it out (!) or painted it? They’d act like you accidentally released the demon they were hiding inside it.

This weekend wound up being a very active and outdoorsy type of weekend. We had envisioned lots of time spent at home, smiling and packing. That’s exactly how I picture it, smiling and packing. and there’s sunshine. and classic rock. In reality, we are sitting on the floor in our pajamas and watching Netflix and not wanting to move because there’s so much left to do.

I ran on Friday night, I think I did 1.69 miles in 28 minutes? Somewhere around there. I dug in the WordPress archives to find a blog post I read from Must Love Jogs about lacing your shoes differently for different foot ailments – I finally remembered to try the high instep lacing. I think it helped, because my foot didn’t fall asleep when I ran. My quads were killing me after my Tuesday run, and they were starting to hurt again at the beginning of the run. I was listening to music and a quick song came on and I don’t know why, but even with the quad pain I tried to match the pace. The more I picked up the pace, the less my legs hurt? Yes, that sentences ends in a question mark, because it doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not going to argue with it. My lungs were less than cooperative, but my legs didn’t hurt so much.

Saturday: We drove up to my folks to visit and go out to dinner for my grandfather’s birthday. We were planning to stop along the way at a few different events and go apple-picking, but we did none of those things and instead spent a lot of time driving around. Driving around and seeing new sights is something I find very relaxing and wonderful, especially as fall starts to set in. We met up with some Carrie & Mike & friends to play disc golf, which is maybe our new favorite sport.

Sunday: I met up with Carrie & Mike & other assorted relatives and friends to bike through Duke Farms, which was awesome even if my bruised bones regret it completely today. We biked up ridiculous hills (ok, sometimes we pushed our bikes up the hills) to see a pet cemetery where Doris Duke buried all her pets, including a camel named Baby.

Gary stayed home to hang out with a friend, but that fell through, so he packed some kitchen stuff. Glasses, bowls, plates; all packed. Most of the stuff from our bookshelves is packed, but I keep forgetting that stuff still lurks behind the cabinet doors.

Lots of stuff.


5 thoughts on “Active Weekend & the Evolution of Packing

  1. That’s so exciting! It must be nice moving into a place when you know the previous owner took good care of it. Once it’s yours, it’s yours though. Just be careful with paint selection. Once I thought I was painted a whole room red and it wound up this weird streaky pink color.

  2. A note on your legs hurting less when you picked up the pace:
    The pain you’re feeling in your quads is lactic acid build up. Your body will naturally break down the lactic acid with time, but to speed up the process you can manually help break it down. Massages for example disrupt the network of lactic acid in the muscle. Movement and running also help. The more you walk around and the bigger your strides, the more you’ll be able to break up the lactic acid. My bet is when you picked up the pace you increased your stride length. If your lungs weren’t cooperating, but it was making your legs feel better, try running slower but lengthening your stride. That should help! 🙂

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