Gus / Evie: Welcome to the family!

Yesterday morning I arrived at work, said hello to my fellow co-workers, sat down at my computer, and heard a tiny meow.  I thought, hmmm… that’s different. The police had found a cat wandering on the side of the road and my co-worker had brought her to our office to hang out.



She’s totally in good shape, so it’s clear that Mama-cat took really good care of her. I’m not sure how she got separated from her. Hope Mama’s not too stressed without her kitten.

IMG_2570  IMG_2568

We sort of subverted the normal order of things and just decided that one of us was going to adopt her instead of making her go to an animal shelter. I plied my husband with cute kitten pictures, but it wasn’t necessary – I think we both knew she’d be coming home with me. We originally thought it was a boy, so we named him Gus, and then we found out she was a girl, so we decided to officially name her Evangeline (Evie for short) but we’re going to keep calling her Gus as a nickname, cause it’s cute.


She went to the vet where she was dewormed and tested negative for FELV/FIV (feline leukemia /feline aids, which can be common in outdoors cats). The vet estimated that she was about 5-6 weeks old, although based on comparison with internet cat-sites, she looks and acts more like 4 weeks. She’s totally good with wet & dry food, but I think she misses her Mama-cat! She keeps trying to nurse on our arms. I feel bad that she couldn’t stay with Mama for longer, but we’ve got her now so I’m doing research to figure out feeding. Glad she’s old enough that she doesn’t have to be bottle-fed. I’ve never handled a kitten this young without its mom and the vet wasn’t super helpful with recommendations. I also put a stuffed penguin and warm blanket in her kennel to keep her company. I found her sleeping on the penguin this morning. A-dorable.


Our current cat, Zooey, is quite frightened by the sight of the new cat. So far they have had one chaperoned meeting, and Zooey got all puffy-tailed and skittish. Zooey stared at Gus. Gus looked at Zooey. I made a noise. Zooey scrambled back into the bedroom. We gave her tons of treats and positive attention so she would hopefully associate the kitten with good things. She seemed ok afterwards. It’s like she can’t smell the new cat at all in the other room. We’ll be moving next week, so they’ll have more space and we won’t have to worry about Zooey feeling like Gus is horning in on her territory.



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