Moving on Up

We closed on our house on Friday, and moved in on Saturday, and it went off without a hitch.

OK, there were a few hitches.

We had a problem with mortgage people going on vacation and not finishing things up for us… Like it was down to the wire, I had the pen in my hand at the lawyer’s office and it was fixed in the last few minutes.

We had a lot of friends and family come to help us move, and we got so much accomplished! I am super grateful for all the help. But they all got to see what happens when you tell Sarah that she can’t carry two drawers, but a man can because he knows how. I may have yelled, “Don’t start that shit with me!” and made a silent promise to myself to lift more weights and do more push-ups.

We run our 5K in two weeks! I know I don’t feel ready – we still have stuff at the apartment, and I feel like I should work on getting the house ready instead of running now. I’ve been running back and forth carrying things to and from the cars just to get the blood pumping. Not expecting a PR but hoping to feel relaxed enough to have fun running with my family!

The new kitten is doing well, sort of unfazed by the new digs. Zooey on the other hand- not excited about the change in scenery. This room is much smaller than the room she used to have, and it’s still a little too messy to let her roam free. The two cats haven’t met yet and I think it will have to stay that way for a while.

Things accomplished in the new house: 1) painted cabinets (thanks Mom & Wendi!) 2) installed new bathroom fan/ light (the old one was really loud) 3) set up wi-fi (definitely the most important; although nothing will get done now that we have internet!)

Other “fun” house things that have happened:
– I accidentally posted this whole thing to the wrong blog a few days ago and didn’t realize right away.
– Our sewer line was clogged and we didn’t know it… until I did wash and it backed up into the basement. YEP lots of cleaning with bleach yesterday.
– The oven doesn’t really heat up.
– The washer broke.



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