Hello from the void!

Things have been quite busy lately – houses are really very demanding, aren’t they? and it’s cold out so I take a lot of naps. Last night I squirmed inside the couch cushions, covered myself with pillows and claimed that I had become part of the couch. I woke up this morning in the exact same position and wondered in the dark where the hell I was.

We’ve been doing lots of minor work on the house.  With the help of my dad, Gary and I have taken apart the bathroom and are slowly putting it back together. We bought a new medicine cabinet, vanity & lights, and they are currently installed and look AWESOME. It gives us so much more space in the bathroom. I spent a lot of time reorganizing the closets – finding just the right spot for things makes me giddy. It also makes me wonder HOW THE HELL we fit all this stuff in an apartment.

What else… we finished painting a desk and put it in the Lost Room, which still needs a lot of work. It’s going to be sort of like an office, music room, craft room, etc, but we are calling it the Lost Room because I hate calling it the craft room, or music room, or office. So cliche. Wait, is saying that something is cliche cliche? Oh, well. We bounced around a lot of good ideas for room names – it came down to the Lost Room or the missile silo. Now we need to come up with a good name for the house… something whimsical and haunting. I’ve got my best people working on it (Gary and my sister.)

For our first Christmas in the house, we bought a real Christmas tree! It really looks wonderful. I also made the Christmas tree skirt. Yes, I made that over the course of a year. I cut the pieces a year ago and then spent two nights THIS year stitching it all together. It’s also AWESOME.


I recentlly found out that Benjamin Moore has a series of historical paint colors, so I’ll be repainting EVERYTHING in colonial colors.

Gary got us a weight bench for Christmas! I need to get some kind of plates or boxes or something so my feet touch the ground but I can stop laying on the coffee table and actually do some proper lifting.

Still working out the kinks with my new running plan. I love running on the canal – It’s close, it’s flat, it’s local to a town so people are friendly, and it goes on for miles and miles. I had a fantastic run the other day- still using the 1 min run/walk intervals, and it’s working out really well. I’m enjoying the new sights as well. Much more interesting than circling the apartment complex over and over and over. Cons: It’s right next to the Delaware River, so it’s distinctly colder than more inland areas. Also not ideal for night running, and in the winter, all I’ve got is weekend running or night running. I am still thinking about looking for a lighted path, high school track, or even going back to the apartment complex to run on their sidewalks at night, but I haven’t quite gotten that far yet. So far, this new running plan of “thinking about doing stuff and running on the weekends” has resulted in a decline in running workouts and an increase in belly jiggle and discomfort in jeans. Like everyone else, Gary and I are pretty busy during the holidays, BUT I don’t have to work for a few days, so I can squeeze in morning runs, lifting and maybe a hike or two this week. My cousins and I talked about doing a 5K together sometime next year, so that’s cool!


2 thoughts on “Hello from the void!

  1. Sounds like you have been making lots of progress with the house. The bathroom sounds wonderful. Love the Christmas Tree Skirt, just gorgeous. Houses do take up such a lot of time, I so agree with you, but it’s lovely to make home just how we like it, Sounds like you and Gary are doing a great job. Merry Christmas xxx

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