Ice on the canal

I ran on the canal path today. It was so beautiful- the canal was frozen over (which always makes me think of one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs) and there were mini-icebergs floating down the river at a pretty quick clip. But DAMN it was cold! I ran out and back; on the way out, the wind was at my back and the sun was in my eyes. On the way back, there was no sun to warm my face and the wind that comes off the river was biting at my face, and most of my time was spent worrying whether my nose was running, because at that temperature, you really can’t feel much! It encouraged me to run a bit faster.

Today was a bit of a challenge- I’ve been running/walking in 1 minute intervals, and today I picked up where I left off in my running plan, with a five minute run and a five minute walk followed by 2min run/3min walk intervals. Starting off with a five minute run after taking it easy for so long was a little daunting but once I got past the second minute, I knew I could finish it. It’s only five minutes, after all, so it goes by pretty fast.

I had started a thread on the Nerd Fitness six week challenge, but haven’t made time to keep up with it. I would like to be more involved with the community there and make friends and whatnot but I know me, and I am not good at putting myself out there. I have to stop sitting around doing the same things I always do, because nothing changes that way.

Speaking of change, I started my third and final purchasing class this week. I took a train to New Brunswick. This is particularly incredible because I am so shy and nervous! I am scared of walking into a building I’ve never been in before. I even got on the wrong train (too early), realized my mistake, got off at the next stop and hopped on the right one without freaking out. I feel pretty amazing lately.




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