Late night workouts

It is really tough to find time to run in the winter, and I’ve been staying late at work some nights when I’m super busy. I told Gary I was getting kind of depressed about not working out so much and starting to gain a lot of weight. He has been very supportive about forcing me to work out and I’m grateful for it. Last night, I finally got home around 8:30 and Gary offered to work out with me. He rode the stationary bike while I did a twenty minute video. It was one of those Biggest Loser videos and they are big on squatting and bending, which can be rough on the knees, so I sort of deviated from the routine here and there when it started to bother me. Feels ok today, and I’m in a better mood, so I am expecting to be able to get out of work on time and go running!

I signed up for my first 5k of the year! It’s in April in Maryland – my aunt and I are running it together. It’s called the Salisbury Zoo Stampede- it’s a 5k in a zoo!


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