The Time to Hesitate is Through

Yesterday I went out in search of new running grounds. I drove to the nearby borough, parked in the two-hour lot, and hit the sidewalks. They were mostly clear of snow and ice, but BOY, was it cold! The next running workout was intervals: 1 minute run, 4 minute walk, for twenty minutes. It seemed a little too easy for me but I figured I should just give it a go. I set up my phone to buzz every minute.

So I started my workout. After my first minute run, I realized I had forgotten to start up my GPS watch, so I just counted that as my warm-up, switched on the watch, and kept walking. I mean, it was really cold. After like, five minutes, it hadn’t even come close to finding me, and I was just about done with the waiting. Seriously, it’s the hardest part. (the waiting… is the … hardest .. part…) So I decided to forget it and just run again.

So I started my workout… again. Halfway through the first minute run, my phone starts ringing, so I stop running and talk to my mom for a few minutes, but I keep walking. At this point, I’m basically all the way around the block and almost back to my car. Also, while I’m talking to my mom, my watch beeps – GPS has finally found me and the watch is ready to begin our workout. Whenever you’re ready, expensive GPS watch.

So I started my workout… AGAIN. Went round the block another time. Then… my watch beeped.

OK, so the watch is supposed to beep to tell me when I run a mile, but it’s only been… about nine minutes. There is absolutely no way I have run a mile in eight minutes. I’ve been burned by GPS devices before, so I know better than to trust it. I assume I have accidentally set it for kilometers instead of miles, and have also just run my fastest kilometer ever.

When it beeps again after five minutes, I know it’s not set for kilometers or miles; it’s actually haunted. Either that or I’m superhuman. I’m ok with either of these things.

My next beep is after another 8 minutes, so I’m figuring that it’s kilometers, and that 5 minute kilometer anomaly was the result of running downhill. Instead of stopped after twenty minutes, I figure I’ll keep going. I mean, if the GPS watch is to be believed, I’m running the fastest kilometers of my life, so why not run a 5K?

At this point, my phone dies. I had been attempting to take pictures during each run as a sort of fun 2015 thing, but my phone’s been doing this funny thing lately, when it just up and dies when it’s too cold. Good to know it will be useful in all kinds of emergency situations.

I weave through some more streets on my way to finishing the so-called 5K, still running 1 minute / walking 4 minute intervals. When I finish up, I head to the car, fully aware that I have to go home and re-map this whole fiasco.

Saddened I was to see the jagged lines which the GarminConnect map claimed was my run. It said I ran five miles, yes, five miles, mostly through the walls of the buildings and houses of the borough. I calculated it online with mapmyrun and found it to be closer to 2.75 miles, although I can’t be sure of the time. I also updated the software on my GPS watch. I’m hoping it was just having an off day, because I have had to give up on the mapmyrun iPhone app (on my iPhone 4S), and if my Garmin Forerunner 110 stops being reliable, I might actually have to shell out money for more modern technology. But hey, I ran almost three miles in one run, and I determined that the borough will be a very good place to go running at night.


6 thoughts on “The Time to Hesitate is Through

  1. If your phone keeps dying in the cold, try sticking it in a pocket that hugs your body. Or wear your armband under your outer layers. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the screen, but it should avoid the constant cold shock battery death

    • Good idea! I usually hold it in my hand since my armband doesn’t fit well, but I can certainly stick it in an inner pocket or something – I only need to feel the buzz to mark the minutes as they pass, so that should work great!

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