Yay for getting outside more

Killed that fifteen minute run the second time around! It was much easier, although I was still counting down the minutes and it was really rough for like the last four minutes. My calves were getting really tight – I know they’re getting a better workout than my thighs on this treadmill, so I’m planning to dial back my workout a little when I start running outside again until my legs have caught up. I added some walking to the end and logged another two miles.

Doing great with water, although my hurting filling makes me drink and eat slower so I’m not drinking as much water because I’m anticipating the pain.

Went out for a geocaching hike yesterday after work – it’s still a bit too muddy but I managed to find two that weren’t far from the trail. Walked about a mile on the trails. I’m so excited to get back to hiking for miles. I remember after a long day of geocaching going back to calculate how far I’d gone, and I remember a couple days clocking 8 and 10 mile hikes. That was pretty cool!

Getting excited for the Salisbury Zoo Stampede 5K! It’s in 1 month! I’m running the 5K with my aunt in the morning and then there is an Earth Day festival afterwards, and my uncle’s band is playing in the afternoon. It looks like it should be pretty fun. I don’t really have any race day strategy, I’ll have to check with my aunt and see what her plan is. I’ve got to switch up my plan a bit and add in more outside running.


It’s been far too long.

It has been a rough few days.

We went to a funeral on Saturday. It was a lovely ceremony, truly sweet, but the circumstances were really awful. I cry at the drop of a hat, so… that was tough.

We went out to an awards dinner on Saturday night for one of our local volunteer squads, which was a lot of fun! I tried to make good food choices. We skipped the rolls, I didn’t drink any soda, and I went for the green beans, which I quickly discovered were completely slathered in butter… oh well, I tried! I also ate the fish and I had a very tiny taste of the pasta. Drank a lot of water, but I got a filling a few weeks ago and it hurts like hell when anything cold touches it, so it’s sort of hard to eat or drink at all.

I have slowly been working on squares for grandma’s blanket. I keep planning to finish this snowman project but something comes up – last night I had an emergency dentist appointment to discuss why my filling hurts so damn much (oh joy) which got in the way of my crafting time. There’s always tonight! Even though winter is over!

Gary and I found this awesome park over the weekend. It’s super close to home, and it was packed with people on Sunday. We walked a solid three miles although I am going to start looking for some kind of shoe insert for my arches – most of my shoes are really flat (and I think I might need new sneakers soon!) and by the end of that walk my feet were pretty hurty.

My run last night was awful. The recovery week went ok, I managed to keep the mileage up while doing lower impact workouts, but then I was completely unprepared to jump back into the training program. It called for a fifteen minute run and I struggled right from the start. We threw on a movie (Frozen, if you must know) and I started running, hoping that the movie would take my mind off the ever slowing clock. Nope- every time I looked down, only 1 minute had gone by. I run my heart out and look down… 1:57, 1:58, 1:59… I run and watch the movie, forcing myself to not look down until I’m sure it’s been five whole minutes… 2:59, 3:00… I watch the entire “Let it Go” sequence and look down … 3:58, 3:59, 4:00. Finally around halfway into the run I told my husband I was going to need some encouragement to get to the end. Finally, I stop running! and realize I’ve stopped one minute too early. I walked to warm up a bit, so I should have stopped running at 16 minutes, but I stopped at 15 minutes. ARG!! I know one minute is not a big deal, but it was to me. I was really annoyed about it. Ruined the whole night. I shouldn’t have let it ruin the whole night, but it was pretty close to bed time so I just gave up and saved that fight for another day… which is today!

Guess how long my last workout run was … GUESS.

3.1 miles. My workouts have gone from a wimpy 1 mile to 2 or 2.5 miles each time I hop on that treadmill.   Not that 1 mile is wimpy! Every mile is an accomplishment. but MY miles were wimpy. Like, I realized I wasn’t really trying too hard.  I’d gear up and head out for like… twenty minutes, tops, and most days, I wasn’t even running 1 mile. It was just challenging & I wasn’t making any progress. Starting this 6 week challenge was good, because somehow I focused on things that were really holding me back. I didn’t even realize how hard it would be to face some of those things! I’ve never really stuck to a workout plan, mostly because if I haven’t seen progress after a week or two, I start to think it’s not the workout for me, and I need to find something else. I didn’t even finish the Couch to 5K! Really, I just needed to give the workouts a chance. I’ve been working through the weeks on the Run the Edge program, and I just finished level 3. The hardest workout this week started with a fifteen minute run, which I did at 4 MPH, so that was 1 mile right there. It was challenging, but I was totally confident that I was going to finish it – I just kept hoping that time would fly by faster!

3.1 miles! That’s a 5K! I’ve always been impressed by people who run several miles during their daily workouts, so I’m pretty happy that I did more than two! It was about 55 minutes, which isn’t my best time, but it’s definitely comparable. Especially on a treadmill!

My training plan is calling for a recovery week, so I’m a little nervous about it feeling too easy. I’ll be doing the same week of workouts I just finished, but at 50%. I guess I should just cut my time in half, so a seven and a half minute run instead of a fifteen minute run. I’m still trying to meet a weekly mileage quota, so I’ll be trying to do more walking, but at a slower pace. It’s supposed to be good to prevent injury, but I’m worried it will slow me down too much and I won’t be able to kick it back up after the week is over. Do any of you do recovery weeks? How does it help you? Maybe I should just do half the long run and keep everything else at a much slower pace. My body feels really fine, I’ve been drinking tons of water, barely any soda, and I’m prioritizing working out, and it’s working for me, and I want to stay on that path.

Gary and I have been really mindful of what we’re eating. The last time I stepped on the scale, I had gained a few pounds (even after giving up soda!) so I decided it had to be in the food somewhere. Sometimes, runners don’t lose weight because running makes you so hungry you don’t even realize you’re eating up the extra calories. I’m not exactly counting calories, although I’m trying to make smarter choices. I’ve been drinking water like I used to drink soda (and drinking soda like I used to drink water… which was pretty much never.) I’m trying to give this time to see what happens.

Catching up on cross posts

I’ve been doing a six week challenge with the NerdFitness crew, and I’ve been posting most of my blogs there. I’ve been meaning to cross post, so here are my catch- up posts from last week.

March 4: Another 2.5 miles down! YAY! That’s 11.5/50 miles for my six-week challenge.

2.5 miles on Monday night on the treadmill, running and walking with Run the Edge and Zombies, Run!! I usually do run/walk intervals, and I’ve been running for maybe two years now. It still disappoints me a bit that the run intervals seem so difficult sometimes, even when it’s only a minute and a half! I’ve added distance to my workouts over the months, but haven’t been able to ramp up the speed much. I have dreams of half-marathons and maybe even a marathon, but it seems like I’ll never be able to do one if I can’t even run a 5K without walking. Do they let you walk in marathons? Most of the races I’ve seen have time limits, and I know it would take me several hours since I’d have to walk a lot.

Maybe it’s just a case of the treadmill blues. Most people say that running on a treadmill is easier, but I’m one of the ones who disagrees wholeheartedly. I always seem to do better running outside. I think seeing 19 and 20 minute miles is getting me down a bit. We’re in the midst of another ice storm today. I can’t wait until Old Man Winter hits the road and I can stretch my legs outside again! I think the solution is just to stick with it.

On the upside, Zombies, Run is awesome, and somehow the Run the Edge plan gets me to run for 10 straight minutes when I don’t even feel like I can run a minute and a half.

Took a break on Tuesday because my husband spent a long time cooking a big dinner and it was late and we were sleepy by the time dinner was over. I considered waking up early to do some treadmill miles but we had an ice storm overnight and I had to go make sure the driveway wasn’t one big slip and slide. (It was.)

My boss bought me a soda at work (he didn’t realize I’m trying to give it up) so that’s another lost point for no-soda-at-work. I did have to call our water bottle company and request an earlier delivery since we’re almost out of water in the water cooler bottles – guess I’ve been drinking a lot of water!

I was supposed to have a meeting for work tonight, but it’s been cancelled due to the bad weather. That means treadmill miles for me! If I’m going to complete 10 miles this week, I still need to do 7.5, so I’m aiming for 2.5 tonight.

Three, three, and two.

I walked more than three miles on Saturday around New York City. We went to the Empire State Building for a geocache, then realized you actually had to pay the crazy amount of money to ride to the top to get the geocache, so nixed that idea. So then we went to Koreatown for a cache, then up to visit the New York Public Library & meet a friend in Bryant Park. We ate dinner at John’s Pizzeria of Times Square (formerly a church, amazing garlic rolls!) and took in a show. Grabbed another cache after the show, walked back to the station to take the train home. All in all, it was a great day- I mapped the walk when I got home and I’m sure it was more than three miles because of all the wandering we did around the library, but I’m not going to take a random stab at a number. I am absolutely sure it was over three miles, so three miles is the amount that is included in my walking to Mordor. I was going to work out Sunday with my husband, but he wanted to take it easy because his legs were tired from all the walking. Mine weren’t! That’s three miles, so see Hedwig and the Angry Inch for the third time, but only two geocaches. Ah, well.

I’m doing a 6 week challenge to walk 50 miles in my journey to Mordor. All my walking this week puts me at 9 / 50 miles to Mordor! Which isn’t bad for 1 week! I’m super excited to get going on week 2 and see if I can do 10 miles!

Still no soda around the house, and when we ate out at restaurants this weekend, I ordered water along with my soda. I wound up drinking four times as much water as soda. A pretty successful first week! I think I can go this whole week without soda at work. I’ve been trying to pay attention to see if my tastes are changing, but so far, I haven’t really anything other than the soda itself tasting weird.

It is a sheet of ice outside, but it’s supposed to be strangely warm today – still, I’m not sure today is a good day to run outside. Back on the treadmill for me tonight!