Three, three, and two.

I walked more than three miles on Saturday around New York City. We went to the Empire State Building for a geocache, then realized you actually had to pay the crazy amount of money to ride to the top to get the geocache, so nixed that idea. So then we went to Koreatown for a cache, then up to visit the New York Public Library & meet a friend in Bryant Park. We ate dinner at John’s Pizzeria of Times Square (formerly a church, amazing garlic rolls!) and took in a show. Grabbed another cache after the show, walked back to the station to take the train home. All in all, it was a great day- I mapped the walk when I got home and I’m sure it was more than three miles because of all the wandering we did around the library, but I’m not going to take a random stab at a number. I am absolutely sure it was over three miles, so three miles is the amount that is included in my walking to Mordor. I was going to work out Sunday with my husband, but he wanted to take it easy because his legs were tired from all the walking. Mine weren’t! That’s three miles, so see Hedwig and the Angry Inch for the third time, but only two geocaches. Ah, well.

I’m doing a 6 week challenge to walk 50 miles in my journey to Mordor. All my walking this week puts me at 9 / 50 miles to Mordor! Which isn’t bad for 1 week! I’m super excited to get going on week 2 and see if I can do 10 miles!

Still no soda around the house, and when we ate out at restaurants this weekend, I ordered water along with my soda. I wound up drinking four times as much water as soda. A pretty successful first week! I think I can go this whole week without soda at work. I’ve been trying to pay attention to see if my tastes are changing, but so far, I haven’t really anything other than the soda itself tasting weird.

It is a sheet of ice outside, but it’s supposed to be strangely warm today – still, I’m not sure today is a good day to run outside. Back on the treadmill for me tonight!


3 thoughts on “Three, three, and two.

  1. Good on you for going without soda! I’m impressed. A long time ago when I needed to cut down on weight I took soda out of my diet completely. Now I can’t really stomach it – way too sweet 🙂 But it is hard to cut it out to start with, keep on going!

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