Catching up on cross posts

I’ve been doing a six week challenge with the NerdFitness crew, and I’ve been posting most of my blogs there. I’ve been meaning to cross post, so here are my catch- up posts from last week.

March 4: Another 2.5 miles down! YAY! That’s 11.5/50 miles for my six-week challenge.

2.5 miles on Monday night on the treadmill, running and walking with Run the Edge and Zombies, Run!! I usually do run/walk intervals, and I’ve been running for maybe two years now. It still disappoints me a bit that the run intervals seem so difficult sometimes, even when it’s only a minute and a half! I’ve added distance to my workouts over the months, but haven’t been able to ramp up the speed much. I have dreams of half-marathons and maybe even a marathon, but it seems like I’ll never be able to do one if I can’t even run a 5K without walking. Do they let you walk in marathons? Most of the races I’ve seen have time limits, and I know it would take me several hours since I’d have to walk a lot.

Maybe it’s just a case of the treadmill blues. Most people say that running on a treadmill is easier, but I’m one of the ones who disagrees wholeheartedly. I always seem to do better running outside. I think seeing 19 and 20 minute miles is getting me down a bit. We’re in the midst of another ice storm today. I can’t wait until Old Man Winter hits the road and I can stretch my legs outside again! I think the solution is just to stick with it.

On the upside, Zombies, Run is awesome, and somehow the Run the Edge plan gets me to run for 10 straight minutes when I don’t even feel like I can run a minute and a half.

Took a break on Tuesday because my husband spent a long time cooking a big dinner and it was late and we were sleepy by the time dinner was over. I considered waking up early to do some treadmill miles but we had an ice storm overnight and I had to go make sure the driveway wasn’t one big slip and slide. (It was.)

My boss bought me a soda at work (he didn’t realize I’m trying to give it up) so that’s another lost point for no-soda-at-work. I did have to call our water bottle company and request an earlier delivery since we’re almost out of water in the water cooler bottles – guess I’ve been drinking a lot of water!

I was supposed to have a meeting for work tonight, but it’s been cancelled due to the bad weather. That means treadmill miles for me! If I’m going to complete 10 miles this week, I still need to do 7.5, so I’m aiming for 2.5 tonight.


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