Guess how long my last workout run was … GUESS.

3.1 miles. My workouts have gone from a wimpy 1 mile to 2 or 2.5 miles each time I hop on that treadmill.   Not that 1 mile is wimpy! Every mile is an accomplishment. but MY miles were wimpy. Like, I realized I wasn’t really trying too hard.  I’d gear up and head out for like… twenty minutes, tops, and most days, I wasn’t even running 1 mile. It was just challenging & I wasn’t making any progress. Starting this 6 week challenge was good, because somehow I focused on things that were really holding me back. I didn’t even realize how hard it would be to face some of those things! I’ve never really stuck to a workout plan, mostly because if I haven’t seen progress after a week or two, I start to think it’s not the workout for me, and I need to find something else. I didn’t even finish the Couch to 5K! Really, I just needed to give the workouts a chance. I’ve been working through the weeks on the Run the Edge program, and I just finished level 3. The hardest workout this week started with a fifteen minute run, which I did at 4 MPH, so that was 1 mile right there. It was challenging, but I was totally confident that I was going to finish it – I just kept hoping that time would fly by faster!

3.1 miles! That’s a 5K! I’ve always been impressed by people who run several miles during their daily workouts, so I’m pretty happy that I did more than two! It was about 55 minutes, which isn’t my best time, but it’s definitely comparable. Especially on a treadmill!

My training plan is calling for a recovery week, so I’m a little nervous about it feeling too easy. I’ll be doing the same week of workouts I just finished, but at 50%. I guess I should just cut my time in half, so a seven and a half minute run instead of a fifteen minute run. I’m still trying to meet a weekly mileage quota, so I’ll be trying to do more walking, but at a slower pace. It’s supposed to be good to prevent injury, but I’m worried it will slow me down too much and I won’t be able to kick it back up after the week is over. Do any of you do recovery weeks? How does it help you? Maybe I should just do half the long run and keep everything else at a much slower pace. My body feels really fine, I’ve been drinking tons of water, barely any soda, and I’m prioritizing working out, and it’s working for me, and I want to stay on that path.

Gary and I have been really mindful of what we’re eating. The last time I stepped on the scale, I had gained a few pounds (even after giving up soda!) so I decided it had to be in the food somewhere. Sometimes, runners don’t lose weight because running makes you so hungry you don’t even realize you’re eating up the extra calories. I’m not exactly counting calories, although I’m trying to make smarter choices. I’ve been drinking water like I used to drink soda (and drinking soda like I used to drink water… which was pretty much never.) I’m trying to give this time to see what happens.


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