It’s been far too long.

It has been a rough few days.

We went to a funeral on Saturday. It was a lovely ceremony, truly sweet, but the circumstances were really awful. I cry at the drop of a hat, so… that was tough.

We went out to an awards dinner on Saturday night for one of our local volunteer squads, which was a lot of fun! I tried to make good food choices. We skipped the rolls, I didn’t drink any soda, and I went for the green beans, which I quickly discovered were completely slathered in butter… oh well, I tried! I also ate the fish and I had a very tiny taste of the pasta. Drank a lot of water, but I got a filling a few weeks ago and it hurts like hell when anything cold touches it, so it’s sort of hard to eat or drink at all.

I have slowly been working on squares for grandma’s blanket. I keep planning to finish this snowman project but something comes up – last night I had an emergency dentist appointment to discuss why my filling hurts so damn much (oh joy) which got in the way of my crafting time. There’s always tonight! Even though winter is over!

Gary and I found this awesome park over the weekend. It’s super close to home, and it was packed with people on Sunday. We walked a solid three miles although I am going to start looking for some kind of shoe insert for my arches – most of my shoes are really flat (and I think I might need new sneakers soon!) and by the end of that walk my feet were pretty hurty.

My run last night was awful. The recovery week went ok, I managed to keep the mileage up while doing lower impact workouts, but then I was completely unprepared to jump back into the training program. It called for a fifteen minute run and I struggled right from the start. We threw on a movie (Frozen, if you must know) and I started running, hoping that the movie would take my mind off the ever slowing clock. Nope- every time I looked down, only 1 minute had gone by. I run my heart out and look down… 1:57, 1:58, 1:59… I run and watch the movie, forcing myself to not look down until I’m sure it’s been five whole minutes… 2:59, 3:00… I watch the entire “Let it Go” sequence and look down … 3:58, 3:59, 4:00. Finally around halfway into the run I told my husband I was going to need some encouragement to get to the end. Finally, I stop running! and realize I’ve stopped one minute too early. I walked to warm up a bit, so I should have stopped running at 16 minutes, but I stopped at 15 minutes. ARG!! I know one minute is not a big deal, but it was to me. I was really annoyed about it. Ruined the whole night. I shouldn’t have let it ruin the whole night, but it was pretty close to bed time so I just gave up and saved that fight for another day… which is today!


5 thoughts on “It’s been far too long.

  1. Annoying runs are a fact of a runner’s life. I suck when I let myself get frustrated or hung up on numbers. When I used to run on a treadmill, I had to cover the numbers with a towel or it was endlessly unpleasant! I hope you leave room in the training for a free run to just go with the flow at whatever pace and distance feels good!

    Veggies drenched in butter is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when there are few healthy options!

    • Seriously, there were no other veggie options at all, and most of the other stuff was covered in some kind of breading, so I decided to grin and bear it. I’ve done free runs here and there but mostly I’m sticking to this running plan. Maybe I’ll do that tonight, I’m not sure I’m ready for the next level yet – it’s a twenty minute run.

      Your voice was in my head while I was on the treadmill the other day – I kept thinking about covering the numbers with a towel because it was so frustratingly slow!

      • Ha! Covering the numbers really helped me get into my own zone. That and thinking less about distance or time, and focusing on running through a favorite album instead. There’s nothing wrong with repeating a level if you’re not ready for the next one!

  2. Aaaargh! I hate being out by so little! Usually for me it’s distance – I think I’ve done however many kilometres and then when I get home I discover my Garmin went wonky somewhere. Still, you did well to keep going and it shows that you’ve got the mental strength to get through when things get tough. The next one is sure to be better. 😉

  3. I was so close! My husband was like, “Just start running now and do another minute!” and I was like, “NOPE It’s gone, I lost it, I can’t fix it now.” I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust another GPS running device again after both of mine started inflating my run distances. I usually follow up on MapMyRun and just double check it myself!

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