Yay for getting outside more

Killed that fifteen minute run the second time around! It was much easier, although I was still counting down the minutes and it was really rough for like the last four minutes. My calves were getting really tight – I know they’re getting a better workout than my thighs on this treadmill, so I’m planning to dial back my workout a little when I start running outside again until my legs have caught up. I added some walking to the end and logged another two miles.

Doing great with water, although my hurting filling makes me drink and eat slower so I’m not drinking as much water because I’m anticipating the pain.

Went out for a geocaching hike yesterday after work – it’s still a bit too muddy but I managed to find two that weren’t far from the trail. Walked about a mile on the trails. I’m so excited to get back to hiking for miles. I remember after a long day of geocaching going back to calculate how far I’d gone, and I remember a couple days clocking 8 and 10 mile hikes. That was pretty cool!

Getting excited for the Salisbury Zoo Stampede 5K! It’s in 1 month! I’m running the 5K with my aunt in the morning and then there is an Earth Day festival afterwards, and my uncle’s band is playing in the afternoon. It looks like it should be pretty fun. I don’t really have any race day strategy, I’ll have to check with my aunt and see what her plan is. I’ve got to switch up my plan a bit and add in more outside running.


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