Crossing my fingers for a PR in April

My 5K is coming up in a few weeks! I’m totally stoked. I can’t wait to go see my aunt and I’m also excited to see if I’ve improved on my 5K time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been posting my progress over with the nerds at the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, and my goals were simple: more water, more miles, and more consistency. All have been successful – I’ve basically stopped drinking soda at home and at work and I’m like 80% water now.  I ran 58 miles in the past six weeks, which is probably close to how many miles I ran total in 2014. I lost a couple pounds. and I can actually stay running for at least twenty minutes now. That’s been a huge struggle of mine for a long time, managing to keep up a pace for a long period of time. I used to pound out a mile in 16 minutes, but then I was toast for the rest of the day. I’ve been sticking with the same training plan for six weeks. I have another week or so to go before the plan is completely over and I get to move on to the next level, which is another 6 week plan. The first plan is going to get me to run thirty straight minutes, I’m already sure I can do it. The second plan, developed by the same guys, will then help me make that thirty minutes faster and better. I did 2.5 miles yesterday, took tonight off since it was kind of a tough run. I am going to visit a friend for dinner tomorrow night, and I’ll have to do my next run later at night. That’s ok though, the treadmill is totally changing the game. My husband’s even doing a few miles a night.

I promised my husband I would keep this short and simple.

April goals: Keep up with the plan! and stick to the same plan. When I finish this one, move on to the next one and stay with it.

Water! Keep drinking water. Drink more water. Stick to the plan. Make it a habit.

Spend more time doing stuff I want to do. I want to spend at least half an hour a day doing housework or yardwork, or just going for a walk with my husband. My only goal with this one is to NOT spend the entire month sitting on the couch watching TV after work.  Tonight we went for a walk, probably a mile and a half, just down the road and back, and the weather was perfect.

I have three weeks until my 5K, and 4 weeks until our anniversary vacation. I am going to aim for 40 miles by May, starting today. It might wind up being more if I get my bike out (!) in which case, I’ll do a bike goal of 20, so, 60 total.


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