Jumping into another challenge

Can’t wait to jump right in to another challenge over with the Nerd Fitness Rebellion!

In my last challenge, I attempted to stick to one training plan instead of wandering all over, and the results have been pretty awesome. It is only a six week training plan, but it is encouraged to take more time on some levels until you’re ready to move on. I’m in Level 5 right now and sort of hit a bit of a wall in this between challenge time. I totally expect to be able to finish this plan and start the next plan during the next challenge. Most of these goals are extensions of previous challenges. I didn’t add anything about food because my goal of drinking water instead of soda has been surprisingly successful, and I’m just not ready to give myself any definite food-related challenges.

#1: Stick with (and finish!) the plan
Just keep up with the plan. As we roll into spring, I know I’ll be spending more time out and about doing things around the house & yard, and spending more time seeing friends, which means less time stuck inside and fewer opportunities to run. I’m going to transition to running outside as well, which may throw a monkey wrench into my routine. I want to keep up with the plan I’m on, whether I wind up on the treadmill or running outside. When I finish, I will celebrate and move on to the next plan! I’m really excited to see what it will bring.

#2: Run 2 5Ks
I am already signed up for a 5K on April 25th, and I’m eyeing one up in May that I should just throw down and sign up for. I am hoping to see some time improvement from last year, so that’s really my main purpose of this goal here – to figure out how to gauge my progress. My reason behind running is not to lose weight but to feel good about myself, and I know seeing faster times and feeling stronger with each race makes me feel awesome. My epic goal is to run a marathon, but that might be a few years down the road when I’m a little faster. Pictures and times to be posted when complete!

#3. Add Strength Training
I have a nice little gym in the basement, but put a lot of my weight lifting aside while I focused on my running goals. In the past, strength training has been a really useful addition to my regular running workouts, and there are days in my training program for cross-training, so it should fit in nicely. I have a few videos I’ve used in the past, so I will add them into the training program when it calls for it, just to make a habit of strength training consistently.

#4 50 More Miles to Mordor
This one should be easy enough to complete if I keep up with Goal #1!

I am always in the midst of projects, and here’s my current list: a blue scarf for suelk, blanket for Grandma, new strap for my bag, painting the bedroom, painting the library, lighthouse cross stitch. I’m sure there are a number of other things that I’m forgetting, and I’ll add them on as we go.

So yeah, I’m currently hitting a bit of a wall with my training plan – I worked my way up to twenty minutes without a problem, but going from twenty to twenty five just isn’t working. The last two times I’ve attempted it, I’ve struggled to get to fifteen minutes. I even slowed down the pace a lot to give myself an advantage, but so far, no go. Maybe this weekend…


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