Off to a Great Start

Spring has sprung! It’s sunny and warm in New Jersey!

Friday night, my husband and I pulled our bikes out of hibernation, and yesterday we biked and geocached along a wonderful trail. Biking was a lot harder than I remember! Definitely not the same as the stationary bike. I think we found three or four geocaches. One was up a really steep slope, so I made my way up while Gary watched the bikes… then I made my way back down on my butt. Couple of bloody patches and a fantastic bruise on my leg, but I pulled myself back up and found the geocache.

Today I went out for a run. I’ve been treadmill-ing it all winter and in order to get ready for the 5Ks I need to get back accustomed to running outside. It was freaking hot! I ditched my running hoodie in the car and ran in shorts and a t shirt. So nice that the weather finally broke! It was super packed at the park but I managed a really great run. I ran for 25 minutes straight- Not sure how fast, I haven’t had a chance to map it out and see how far I ran and figure out the pace. It was pretty awesome, though. I had to stop half-way to tie my shoe, so I tagged thirty seconds onto the end of the run to make up for it. I felt like I could have kept running longer. Had a good time!

I got home and my husband was working outside around the house. It’s our first summer here, and there’s a cute little patch of earth out front where there used to be a jungle of a garden. We pulled out a tangle of weeds in the fall, and today I got a chance to pull out more weeds and try to figure out what’s growing in there. I threw down some more soil, so there’s one unofficial project complete!


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