The Story so Far (April 14-16)

The past two days have been spent taking care of my cat, who got spayed on Tuesday. I know it’s a totally routine surgery but I was so worried about my little furball! She was NOT happy about having to wear an e-collar – she managed to pull off the big plastic cone at least three times and got her legs stuck in them twice. SO. I took a personal day yesterday to make sure she wasn’t going to pull any crap during the day. She’s starting to feel better but she needs tons of head scratches, and the cone makes it tough to eat, so I fed her food and water by hand. She’s so spoiled.

I did half a mile on the treadmill waiting for my laundry to finish yesterday morning and another 2 miles last night. I also biked 3 miles on the stationary bike while reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets aloud to my husband, who was on the treadmill.

I’m getting to the solid 30 minute run in my training program, which is going to be super tough. It’s hard to stay distracted enough for the long runs when I’m on the treadmill. I wind up counting the seconds on the clock, which I realized it’s sort of a calming way to get through it. Sort of hypnotizing. I know it’s torture for most people but, for me, there was an accomplishment in every ticking second.

Not doing excellent on the soda front today. My husband knew I needed to be cheered up, so he brought me a basket of goodies, which included adorable tiny cans of soda. They are 100 calories each, so I’m factoring in those extra calories into workouts. For each can I drink, I do an extra mile on the treadmill or an extra ten minutes on the stationary bike. I am, however, still doing pretty well with water. I’m choosing not to see this as a failure, but instead as an adjustment. I am adding in extra calories here so I will either take them away elsewhere or work them off.

I am totally failing with the strength training. I haven’t done any of the videos. I did start reading Starting Strength to learn a bit, but the first workout is the squat. I’d be totally down with squatting, and I have a barbell, but I don’t have a rack. Maybe I will get one eventually, but is it completely WRONG to squat with a very light barbell if I pick it up off the floor and put it in the right position instead of getting it off a rack?


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