and then yup, I fell asleep.

It has been a crazy weekend! Every day, I’ve said, ” I HAVE to do my next workout run today,” but it’s just not working out like that. I’ve been too tired from my previous workouts this week and running around every day. I’m totally staying active, but not keeping up with the plan.

Friday night, I got home from work and started to do some yard work. We are hacking up and chopping down lots of crazy stuff growing in the yard and just trying to clean everything out. There are, like, seven weird little gardens around the yard, all full of silly tchotchkes that the lady who lived here before just left when she moved out. My husband actually found a full glass jug of wine. Secret stash or offering to the flower gods? Yard work is like housework – I start in one area but can barely finish it before I see something else that needs doing. I swear, I went outside to find a nice place to plant some new bulbs, but then I was like, well, this pachysandra is growing like crazy and I need to cut it back, and before I knew it, I was chopping branches off an overgrown evergreen. Got a lot done, though, but was kind of too worn out to work out.

My sister came to visit on Saturday afternoon. I had tons of errands to run in the morning, and I was going to run before she got here, but she wanted to go for a run/walk, so I held off to see how I would feel afterwards. We did a solid 2.25 miles walking and jogging. Afterwards? Yup, too tired to do anything else.

Today, my husband and I went in search of some garage sales. I never used to think that people had garage sales on Sundays, but it’s becoming a thing. We didn’t find anything, so went off to run other errands. The weekends are so nice now that as soon as we wake up, we want to go out, so I pushed off running until later, except by the time later got here, I was too tired from being out all day. We went to a huge flea market in search of some cheap Harry Potter movies to round out the collection and walked a mile there. Got home and I promptly fell asleep. Woke up around 8 PM, and yup, too tired to run. I need to drink more water and start fresh tomorrow.

I mean, all in all a totally active weekend – 3.25 miles is nothing to sneer at, but I am anxious to keep up with the running program. I am seriously on the last level and I want to finish it. This happened when I was doing the Couch to 5K, I got nearly to the end and then sort of fizzled out without finishing. Definitely need a bit of a kick to the rear end.


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