Time for some real talk.

I am not happy right now.

I am tired. I am not doing a very good job being an adult. I feel like people at work are laughing at me behind my back. I feel so isolated.

Not even running or working out is making me happy right now because I’m feeling like such a failure at it. I truly wish I could crawl under my desk and hide.

It’s me, it’s the voice in my own head telling me that no one likes me, I’m not good enough. Does anyone else have this awful stupid cruel voice in their head? How do you beat it?


3 thoughts on “Time for some real talk.

  1. Giving you a big hug right now. If I was there I’d make you a coffee and sit down and tell you lots of wonderful things about you. Don’t listen to that voice. It’s just trying to bring you down, listen to the people who love you and care about you! Let our positive words drown out the sill negative ones xxx

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