106.9 miles

106.9 miles – that’s how many miles I’ve run in 2015. Awesome!

Since the 5K is coming up this week, I am taking good advice and keeping it light on running – since I’m at a pretty challenging section of my running program, I’m taking a mini-detour. I’m supposed to be doing long (well, long for me) runs, like twenty five – thirty minutes a go. Our 5K strategy is 1 minute run/walk intervals, so that’s what I did today, for about 38 minutes. in the rain. I kind of love running in the rain, as long as it’s not enough to soak my phone or my glasses.

I’m just really not doing well keeping on top of the strength workout I’d wanted to add. Maybe I’ll walk a bit tomorrow and do my lifting since I won’t be doing any running. Friday will be spent working and then driving to Maryland for the 5K.

And let’s talk about good food – my husband cooked the first really good homemade meal we’ve had in a while – steak, a sweet potato, broccoli, and cauliflower. He also cooked bacon and rolls. He admits he went a bit overboard. I ate until I was full and stopped. The rest is leftovers for tomorrow!

I do have a realization that I made great strides to the 25 minute run, and now I’m sliding backwards… having trouble keeping up with my old pace, not able to run for as long as I could last week. I think this running program is asking for really long runs during each workout and I’m just not fit enough to be able to do it every time. I was really enjoying it up until the twenty minute run, so maybe everything before that was the “easy” stuff and I’ve finally gotten to something I need to work on. I mean, if I keep repeating the same level of the program, at some point it will get easier, right? Well, I’ll get back on that next week after I’ve had some time to recover from the race. Yay! It’s almost here!


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