The Princeton Running Company

Hi All!
I’ve been in hiding for a while. My regular running sort of slowed a bit after the Zoo Stampede so I could work my way through my calf & foot problems. I’ve been doing some stretching and some hydrating and I’ve mainly been running to prepare for the 5Ks, so that means switching from the regular training program to 1 minute intervals. I went to the Princeton Running Company and got myself two new pairs of shoes (which are AWESOME) and had some cool conversation with the people there. It was really cool to talk to running peoples and have them laugh at my running stories and get good advice – highly recommend this place. Really awesome vibe.

I walked in and asked to check out the sneakers. They let me try on some different sneakers and run in them. They filmed me running on the treadmill in a pair of Brooks Ghosts, and I liked them so much I bought them. When they checked out the video of me running, they noticed that my left foot pronates slightly, which might account for the falling-asleep problems I have with it. The other pair I loved were the Brooks Kaleidoscopes, which are technically a men’s shoe but are a bit wider and fit better. I put my foot in that measuring thingy and it said I was like a, eight, eight and a half. My feet are definitely nines. I wound up getting the Ghosts in size 10.5 and the Kaleidoscopes were a men’s 8.5? 9? Whatever, they fit better than the smaller sizes. More comfortable. Prices on the shoes were pretty comparable to what I spent on my last pair, although the Kaleidoscopes were newer and were a bit more expensive.

I’ve done some research: the Ghosts are neutral, and the Kaleidoscopes are stability. I have a pretty normal foot, but I lace my shoes for a high instep – it’s been very comfortable for my wider feet. I’m excited to see which of these shoes works out better for me in the long run. Rimshot, please. So far, I’ve run in both pairs and I am definitely leaning toward the Kaleidscopes as my favorites.

They had a great selection of running accessories, and I finally found some GU! They didn’t have the orange Chomps I have tried before, so I picked up the Black Cherry Chomps. Not my favorite flavor, but it does do the trick. I also got some strawberry lemonade Nuun to try, but I am not in love with it. It might taste better in really cold water.

They also do group runs, which I would love to be able to go to, but I’m still a bit shy about not being able to keep up. I would like to find a group for slower runners. Maybe I should start one… we can call ourselves The Tortoises.


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