The Saga Continues

It’s only taken me about two years, but I’ve finally finished one training plan!

No, I haven’t been working on the same plan for two years, but I’ve started and stopped at least four others before I decided to just stick to one.

Now I’m working on the sequel to that training plan. I feel so…. grown up? Like I’m a successful human being?

and I’m pleased to report that the runs are very difficult, but somehow totally doable. The first run was twenty minutes “easy” and it felt anything but easy. My legs got super tired really quickly.  I was worried after working my way up to a long run in the first plan that ALL the runs in the second plan would be long, which I mean, makes sense, but I’m still a little whiny about it.

Run #2 was the one I was more worried about – the fartlek. Speed play. Sounds fun, right? Run faster for a bit, run slower for a bit. I have done fartleks before, but they were always more like walk/run intervals, not one continuous running experience.  I slowed my pace down and was able to run the whole thing on the treadmill last night, sweating my face off the whole time. I’m kind of excited to see what my pace will be like at the end of this training program. I tend to either avoid new things or plunge into them headlong at breakneck speed, which can’t be sustained.

I’m also doing a lot of core work over the summer. I’m getting ready for the wedding of my college roommate, and there’s a dress I’m dying to wear that I need to lose a little bit around the midsection to fit into better.  I’m not interested in losing a ton of weight, but I went shopping last night and it was very disconcerting. I couldn’t find anything that fit well and everything was just a little too tight. I see all these cute clothes that I can’t wear. All the clothes in the women’s section are flowy, caftans of blobby misshapenness. I am too awesome to be forced to wear shit clothes. There, I said it.


4 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. Congrats! For some reason “Easy” is the default word for slower running in training plans. It’s a dirty lie! Why can’t they choose a better word? Like “slower” or “gentle” or “cheerful” or “talking pace”…

  2. Seriously! Easy is no indication of anything! Just say “you’re basically running at a snail’s pace. If you use the dirty word (jog), that’s kind of what you’re doing.” Even “talking pace” didn’t make sense to me for a long time.

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