Oppressive Heat

I can’t. It’s too much. It’s too hot!

I’ve been itching to run, but it’s just way too hot after work. By the time it cools down, it’s seriously 8 PM and the parks are closed, and by that point, I’m really just too lazy to run. I need to get some serious mileage going. I’m probably signing up for a 5K in September, so at least I don’t have any races to run this summer. I hoped to wake up early for my run today, but the heat had me feeling sluggish and icky, so I woke up too late to run & shower before work. I did two of my Pilates moves and plan to do the rest later tonight (in the A/C!)

I did a bunch of squats yesterday and my legs are way more sore than I was expecting- maybe I’ll walk a few miles tonight instead of running.


One thought on “Oppressive Heat

  1. I hear you. Heat be gone! I’m not a morning runner naturally, but summer has me up at dawn or I get grumpy from lack of runs. Walking is a smart choice when its this sticky.

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