Setting New Goals

Lately I’ve been comparing my life to everyone around me and feeling guilty that I don’t it together. I get all these ideas for house projects on Pinterest. I see all my friends doing fun things and having a blast on Facebook. I know you’re not supposed to compare yourself to others, but ever since we moved into our house, I feel like people are expecting something more of me? and I’m starting to expect more, too, and it’s making me REALLY unhappy. Expectation breeds resentment. I need to start just being happy with myself, not with some better version of me that’s in my mind.

I need to stop comparing myself to others, because I’m just flat-out awesome. I have to stop looking at all the accomplished projects on Pinterest, and all the fun parties and baby pictures on Facebook – I need to put my phone down. I spend way too much time on my phone, and it gets in the way of me actually accomplishing other things. I will only use my phone when I NEED to look something up, or when I’m sitting on a train or in a waiting room or something (or when I want to send a snapchat to someone :)) I will NOT pull out my phone while I’m sitting on the couch, or eating dinner.

It’s been pretty hot out lately & I’m having trouble getting past the first week of my new running program. I’m still stuck in the first world (week 1… ah, video game lingo!) and I am not running consistently enough to keep up the fitness level required to get past the second level. This running program is my new real life videogame and today I’m calling it “Footfall.”  I’m going to start walking or running 1 mile a day depending on weather & other things. Bump up the mileage, keep my legs moving, and keep working towards beating the big baddies.

Strength Training: I’m going to start with some bodyweight training – mostly yoga, but I’ve got an arsenal of workouts. Every day I’ll pick a different one and see where it takes me. Everyday I’ll post what I did.

FOOD TRACKING. This one is hateful to me, so it’s probably pretty important that I try to stick to it. I’ve tried using MFP before and don’t really like spending so much time creating recipes and trying to calculate calories, etc. I know that all the exercise in the world won’t make up for a bad diet, so I need to see what my diet is really like to determine the next step.

I’m aiming to work on each thing EVERY DAY. I’m posting daily at the Nerd Fitness pages, so I’ll try to either post here daily or wrap things up two- three times a week.


Another challenge down

Another six week challenge down over at the Nerd Fitness site, and my goals were:

1. Add more hill & speed training. Typically, I run on flat courses; the treadmill, the canal. Not too dynamic. The running plan I’ve been following has fartleks every week, so that’s been pretty easy to factor in (or, it would have been, if I’d even gotten past program week 1). I think I’ve done three hill runs during the entire six week challenge, and maybe four speed workouts, and I’d anticipated one of each every week. Kind of half-hearted. If I was grading myself, I’d give me a “D+.”

2. Add “some kind of strength training.” Good job, Sarah. Great goal. Really descriptive.  I took part in the mini-challenges, which, for the most part, included some strength component. I had envisioned becoming more consistent and intense with strength training, but let’s just be honest, I was barely ambitious enough to complete more than two workouts a week. Even the ones I really enjoyed, like the few mornings I did Pilates before work, I got too overwhelmed with bunches of other “plans.” Here, I’m giving myself a C+.

3. More veggies. Ok, this one I did rather well with. I wanted to eat one full serving of veggies a day. I would say I actually ate some kind of veggies 90% of the time. A- over here! I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I am way more conscious of the choices I’m making. And so is my husband! I think that’s the real reward.

So, what was good? I’m more aware of my food choices when I’m eating a meal. Not so much when I’m snacking. I think my next challenge is going to include some kind of food-tracking component. I really want to pay attention to the reasons I choose bad food – am I hungry? Am I sad? Is there a trigger?

What was bad? The weather has certainly not cooperated a lot – very rainy and muggy some days, and super hot on others, but I can’t chalk up six whole weeks to bad weather. I learned in my last challenge that I do best when I stick to one running plan. I think that’s also true of the rest of my life. I’ve gotten into this very bad habit of comparing myself to other people. Other people’s houses are well kept. Other people’s lives look awesome. Other people are having kids, and I’m just not moving in any direction. I can’t pick a direction to move in. I take several steps in a bunch of different directions – at least, that’s what it feels like. It’s been awfully frustrating.

Gary and I have tons of plans for the house, for the future, but for whatever reason, I feel like I can’t get any of these plans off the ground. Grr. I get so wrapped in one thing, and then switch to another, and then I get all bummed that I left the other project hanging. I’m so ridiculous. My brain is utterly ridiculous. I need to find some way to show myself that I’m doing tons of things, but just not enough of one thing to see a lot of results.

This has been a running theme for me lately, but it’s a very tough mental obstacle to overcome. I think it’s been blocking a lot of my productivity.

Won’t go Down without a Fight

I’ve had a bit of trouble keeping consistent with runs. It’s been hot, we’ve been busy, and some stupid crap has happened that’s derailed me. No point in getting upset over stuff I can’t handle. Just have to figure out how to make it work for me.

I realized I am doing too much this summer – I have too many trips in mind, too many weekends already planned. This is weird for me, I usually feel very lonely. Even in the midst of everything going on, I will feel very lonely and like no one wants to hang out with me. The grass is always greener, I guess! When I have nothing to do, I wish I was doing something, and vice versa!

So! I have knocked down the plans I’ve built and I’m starting from the ground up to make things a little more manageable for me. My husband and I made a list of things that we could be doing every night that don’t cost extra money. Mostly stuff around the house that we put off for one reason or another. Productivity makes you really feel awesome.

Two miles tonight – I am working my way up to twenty minutes at a brisk pace (for me, that’s 4 mph) and I’m doing it kicking and screaming. I will not go down without a fight! Tonight I did about sixteen minutes before I dropped the speed to a walk. Soon…