Another challenge down

Another six week challenge down over at the Nerd Fitness site, and my goals were:

1. Add more hill & speed training. Typically, I run on flat courses; the treadmill, the canal. Not too dynamic. The running plan I’ve been following has fartleks every week, so that’s been pretty easy to factor in (or, it would have been, if I’d even gotten past program week 1). I think I’ve done three hill runs during the entire six week challenge, and maybe four speed workouts, and I’d anticipated one of each every week. Kind of half-hearted. If I was grading myself, I’d give me a “D+.”

2. Add “some kind of strength training.” Good job, Sarah. Great goal. Really descriptive.  I took part in the mini-challenges, which, for the most part, included some strength component. I had envisioned becoming more consistent and intense with strength training, but let’s just be honest, I was barely ambitious enough to complete more than two workouts a week. Even the ones I really enjoyed, like the few mornings I did Pilates before work, I got too overwhelmed with bunches of other “plans.” Here, I’m giving myself a C+.

3. More veggies. Ok, this one I did rather well with. I wanted to eat one full serving of veggies a day. I would say I actually ate some kind of veggies 90% of the time. A- over here! I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I am way more conscious of the choices I’m making. And so is my husband! I think that’s the real reward.

So, what was good? I’m more aware of my food choices when I’m eating a meal. Not so much when I’m snacking. I think my next challenge is going to include some kind of food-tracking component. I really want to pay attention to the reasons I choose bad food – am I hungry? Am I sad? Is there a trigger?

What was bad? The weather has certainly not cooperated a lot – very rainy and muggy some days, and super hot on others, but I can’t chalk up six whole weeks to bad weather. I learned in my last challenge that I do best when I stick to one running plan. I think that’s also true of the rest of my life. I’ve gotten into this very bad habit of comparing myself to other people. Other people’s houses are well kept. Other people’s lives look awesome. Other people are having kids, and I’m just not moving in any direction. I can’t pick a direction to move in. I take several steps in a bunch of different directions – at least, that’s what it feels like. It’s been awfully frustrating.

Gary and I have tons of plans for the house, for the future, but for whatever reason, I feel like I can’t get any of these plans off the ground. Grr. I get so wrapped in one thing, and then switch to another, and then I get all bummed that I left the other project hanging. I’m so ridiculous. My brain is utterly ridiculous. I need to find some way to show myself that I’m doing tons of things, but just not enough of one thing to see a lot of results.

This has been a running theme for me lately, but it’s a very tough mental obstacle to overcome. I think it’s been blocking a lot of my productivity.


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