Yogaaaaaaa and Painting

My friend Manisha is a fantastic person and an awesome yogi. I’ve been digging yoga lately. Yoga, meditation, creating mandalas. I signed up for this online yoga course to be completed at my own pace, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

The first class was about 25 minutes long. It doesn’t really have a warm up, so I’ll have to do my own next time. It was very simple and they had lots of options to scale up or down the poses, so it felt pretty easy. Lately, some of the longer yoga classes have left me feeling a little tense with some pain in my wrists from holding poses too long. I’ve been to a few classes in the past where you flow right from one pose to the next with very little time to hold, and that was way more up my alley.

Last night, I went to one of those paint & pour classes my friend Kim was teaching, but no one else showed up… so we free painted and it was so awesome. I painted an owl similar to one I found on Pinterest in one of those coloring pages for grown-ups. It really came out so much better than I was expecting – I’ll post pictures later. Kim’s painting was really awesome! I hope she does a class on it because I’d really like to paint it.

I haven’t run since my 2.5 mile run through the borough. I really want to keep up a good schedule of running every other day, but it gets really tough to squeeze it in around work, weather, and all the other things we have planned. Also, I have to set aside more time to run since it will take me damn near an hour to run 3 miles. I run out of hours in the day! Hey, that’s sort of a play on words. Running out of hours in the day.


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