Running with My Sister

Man, she’s quick! We’ve been doing long-ish runs on the weekends, and I just cannot keep up with her nimble feet. On the flip side, she says that she can’t run for as long as I can. That’s the trade-off, I guess. We aren’t really doing much running anyway, mostly chit-chatting about running and stuff while we walk, and picking up the pace in intervals. I think it’s just important that we’re racking up some mileage.

On Monday, we went to Duke Farms, a park that used to be the estate of the Duke family. They were a serious bunch of eccentric rich folk, and their estate is incredible. Lots of trails, statues, fountains, an orchid garden, A PET CEMETERY WHERE THEY BURIED THEIR PET CAMEL.

We covered 3.5 miles, probably a little more. It was quite sunny and there were a lot of people there, especially bicyclists – bikers, if you’re zooming up behind a runner, just give a shout: “on your left!” or “right!” Don’t ding your bell at me. I’m not going to turn around and look at you, because, trust me, I would trip and fall. and then you’ll run me over. The park is famous for biking, they have a great bike-share program.

My sister and I have a 5K coming up on Sunday! Ack! We talked game plan; Instead of just running/ walking intervals like we are doing now, I told her I was going to put on my headphones and run like I normally run when I’m alone. I haven’t really had a chance to run a 5K by myself in a long time- I think I want to stick near her in case they don’t mark the 5K route well. I got lost during a race when I did track for a brief period of time in like, fifth grade, and the thought of getting separated from the group still makes me a bit panicky.


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