Um, fastest mile EVER WHAT

My new goals for the next few weeks are:

  1. at least three short runs during the week (under 2 miles)
  2. one longer run on the weekend (2+ miles)
  3. two strength workouts a week
  4. one yoga session a week
  5. TALK TO PEOPLE more.

Last night we had a big old rainstorm, so I hopped on the treadmill. I decided to see how fast I could run a mile and a half. If I ran at 4 mph the whole time, maybe throw in a little walking, I could probably run it in 23 minutes. I started out at 4 mph and felt pretty good so I kicked it up to 4.2, and I ran almost the whole mile at 4.2 mph. I sped up a bit towards the end, up to maybe 4.6 mph, and I hit that first mile in 14:22. 14:22! WHAT. and to be honest, I wasn’t even super tired from it. If I really pushed, I bet I could run a mile under 14 minutes.

Instead of walking after the first mile, I kept it up, running at about 4- 4.2 mph. I reached 1.5 miles around 21:30. Man, I felt good. Lungs didn’t fail me, legs didn’t fail me. It was pretty sweet. Also completed a warm-up, strength workout, and cool down afterwards.

My friend Susan is doing an Ironman this weekend, and asked us to declare our dreams, and she would dedicate a portion of her run to it. I told her my epic goal is to run a marathon, so she dedicated miles 6.2-10 to my future marathon. I think her event is on Sunday, so I’ll also be running 3.8 miles on Sunday.


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