Pretty good night last night, I got A LOT done.

I am not a chef. Like, it’s ingrained in the depths of my soul that I hate cooking. I hate standing in front of the stove for an hour and making a mess just to watch the results disappear in fifteen minutes. But last night, my husband was going out to test drive a car, and I told him I would start dinner.

It was Taco night. All I had to cook was ground beef. Ground beef is easy, right?

Not when it’s frozen in a three pound chunk and you only need one pound.

Cut to one full hour of Sarah fighting with the frozen meat with knives and spatulas and finally ripping off the one pound I needed for tacos. OK! So I have now made an awful mess, which I HATE because I can’t clean it right away because I’m cooking (I’m usually puttering around cleaning while my husband cooks). Once my beef was done, cheese and lettuce shredded, and my taco was waiting for me, I started chopping veggies! I made an omelette in a Ziploc bag! I put all my omelette ingredients in a Ziploc bag (two eggs, green peppers, cheddar cheese, onions, and one slice of bacon), threw it in a pot of boiling water, and let it go for fifteen minutes, and ta-da, my breakfast for today was ready! OK, so my breakfast AND lunch for tomorrow are already prepared…. this is unprecedented. Oh, and this omelette? Delish.

I did 10 x 3 pushups yesterday, 10 against a wall, 10 at the edge of my desk, and 10 knee pushups.

I also did a bodyweight strength workout, squats and leg lifts and mountain climbers and hopping and a ton of reps. Like, maybe too many reps to be effective. By the end, I knew my form was suffering a bit.

Went for a run last night at the park so I could tackle some hills. I had trouble getting my music to play on my phone, so I just listened to Zombies! Run and ran while playing songs over in my head. Beautiful weather for it!

Tonight, my mom is driving down to have dinner with me, and I’m planning a 1 mile run. Maybe yoga.


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