My Pledge

So I’ve obviously been taking some time off from my blog, and likewise, some time off from running. I have run two 5Ks in the past few months, neither with stellar times, but not far off from where I have been in the past. The first was the Ocean City Seaside 5K & 10 miler with my family – we normally run together but none of us had been training, for separate reasons, so we just decided to run it at our own paces. The second was the Castaway Cay 5K, on Disney’s private island, which is only accessible when you’re on a Disney Cruise, which is where I just came back from! It was WICKED HOT. Like, so hot that I started questioning my sanity. Like I really considered quitting early but I pushed on. I walked a lot of it and stopped at every water station, but I found some ounce of mental strength to push through- I even ran the last quarter mile of the race. Even with the awful intense heat and brutal sun my time was under 1 hour. My husband bought me a cool shirt, and I got a sweet commemorative medallion (not a medal) and new bib.

I ran a lot on the cruise ship, I hit the gym three times (in addition to the 5K). We danced a lot and swam a lot and walked A LOT – we did a bike tour in Key West. I did Pilates in the stateroom. Even with all that working out, I can tell that I’ve gained a bit of weight, I’m not really comfortable in my clothes right now. I’m aggravated with that, so it’s fueling the fire to get back into a training plan. Luckily, I have a great running plan to help me jump back in, and tons of awesome strength workouts to choose from. I can’t wait to get started today.

My pledge is to take my current dedication level and turn the dial up a notch. Let’s shake things up! Now that vacation is over, we are going to keep cooking at home (although there’s currently no food in the house because we emptied everything before we went away, and as Thursday is Thanksgiving, there is no way in hell that I’m going near a supermarket, so we are making do with whatever we can until Friday), but I want to increase the intensity in my strength workouts and run and walk more often.  The holidays are coming up, but I am usually really good with food choices and portion control during those holiday dinners – it’s the desserts that I need to avoid. I’m going to start trying to alternate between soda and water.  Ok, let’s check back in one week and see how things are going. ❤