Changing the game plan

So running is still pretty tough. Actually, even walking long distances is tough right now. My lower back aches. I don’t know if its from extra weight gain or loss of muscle, but I’ve never experienced this before and I hate it. It makes me feel old.

My boss has been working out several days a week for the past two months, and he’s looking better and feeling better. He’s doing mainly weight lifting and body weight exercises, very little cardio. So since I’ve been having trouble getting back up to speed (I know you love my running puns, don’t deny it) I’ve started doing body weight workouts. I’ve had almost one solid week of keeping up with workouts, which is, in itself, a miracle. One night I was super depressed and laid down on the kitchen floor to cry about pretty much nothing. My husband, supportive guy that he is, laid down next to me. He asked me what he could do to help. I asked him to go downstairs with me and read something he’s been working on to me while I worked out to keep me on task. It worked;  I got the workout in. I also put “Clean kitchen floor” on my list of things to do.

I’ve decided to skip breakfast. I used to skip breakfast every morning. Like, all through high school, through college, up until I met my husband. I skipped breakfast. I know it seems weird, but I gained a lot of weight when I started eating three solid meals a day. Even when I tried to make those meals healthy, I still was gaining weight. I’ve been skipping breakfast for a whole two days (I know, that’s dedication) and I gotta say, I actually feel great. My husband is concerned that Hangry Sarah might make an appearance, but so far so good. She only appears at night, once in a blue moon when she’s hungry for dinner. Like a werewolf.

Skipping breakfast: I’ve felt incredibly hungry right when I wake up, but as soon as I get moving, get dressed, get to work, I don’t really notice a thing. I’m still drinking fluids, just not eating food in the morning. I haven’t noticed any drops in energy that haven’t been caused by my inability to put down the book I’m reading and go to bed at a decent time. and I’ve been trying not to eat past 8 PM. Lots of changes from my currently mopey state, but I think it’s time.

Thanks to my online running buddies for good advice, and for telling me it’s going to get easier – I’m glad to be back & catching up with your lives.



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