An ode to the stranger who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day

I’m reposting this from my Facebook page, so please ignore the FB mention because of course, I tell you guys all the personal stuff:

Well, not so much an ode, as a simple thought:

Thank you.

I don’t usually post really personal stuff on Facebook, but I just felt the words in my head begging to be let out. I have something that needs to be said, for me, and maybe for so many others.

I was hanging up the phone at work, saying “buh-bye” in that weird voice that comes out of me when I’m “professional Sarah,”and the guy on the other end of the line, who didn’t know me and had no way of knowing I had a miscarriage a few months ago, said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” I was so flustered… I couldn’t say, “Oh, I’m not a mother,” because that didn’t really feel true. I stammered my way towards the words “Thank you” and I hung up.

On the drive home from work, it really hit me hard. This is my first Mother’s Day, but I’ll never get to hold the child who made me a mother. It didn’t occur to me that this holiday was now for me, and will always be, whether or not I ever have a child. It is a bittersweet thought.

This total stranger, who made a quick assumption about my motherly status based on nothing I had told him, actually said the words I needed to hear. The words that probably some wouldn’t say for fear of upsetting me and the words that everyone else wouldn’t even realize applied to me.

So, thank you, kind stranger. And to all the women in my life, to my mom, grandmothers, aunts, to my fellow moms of four-legged fur-babies, to the mother figures, adoptive mothers, to the teachers, to the mothers of my friends and my friends who are mothers, to the friends who have mothered and nurtured me in so many ways, to the mothers that are with us in spirit, and to the mothers who love their babies in spirit: You’re wonderful, you’re loved, and Happy Mother’s Day.



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