Lately, I’ve been focusing more on the awesome, and not so much on the running. Since April, we’ve been busy planning my sister-in-laws baby shower, which I actually volunteered to do, and threw myself into it. I hoped it would be cathartic, and it actually was. It was a few weeks ago, and it was pretty epic. I finally felt like something broke after that, like there was a crack in the dam and I could finally let everything go. I’m still pissed that I’m not getting pregnant even though we’ve been trying again, but at least I can function again. I’ve gone on some trips with my sister and I’ve just been enjoying things for a while and ignoring any kind of discipline. This is the first year I haven’t signed up for the Halloween 5K in MD (the first race I ever ran) and while I’m a little sad about it, I just can’t make that fit into my life right now. I don’t know if I’ll race again.

Lately, I’ve been trying to add more steps to my day. I know I’m not in the right condition to jump right back into my running routine, so I’m trying to add about 2000 steps to each day. I work in an office and some days, seriously, I average like 600 steps (per the app on my phone that tells me how many steps I take while I’m carrying my phone. I’ve been getting out into some parks, and a few days ago I met a friend for coffee. I geared up in my workout clothes since we usually take a walk in the nearby park, but we’d kept our coffee date short and I wound up going for a walk by myself. Since I already had running gear on, I went for a little run. I mean LITTLE. Like, a grand total of half a mile, and I couldn’t keep up a run for more than .2 miles, but I felt pretty good about it. I’ve been doing wall pushups and desk pushups at work once in a while, and throwing in some weights and stuff when I can. No routine yet, but that seems to be working for me for now.