I want to run again

It’s been quite some time since I laced up my sneakers- over a year. I signed into wordpress after several months of just flat out avoiding everything, and reading some of your posts, I’m feeling a little… inspired? Ashamed? Guilty? I missed you. Sorry I haven’t been around.

I don’t even know if my running clothes are going to fit anymore. I’m way out of shape. It will probably be night by the time I get home and gear up (if I can), so I don’t even know where to go to run. No sidewalks on my street, so I’d have to drive somewhere. Maybe I could give the treadmill a try tonight, but in my experience, I am more likely to finish my run when I have to do so to get back to my car. =)

Running made me feel good but I struggled with being slow and not losing very much weight. Maybe I can throw in more strength training or cross training and let the running take a bit of a back-seat. This is very much like starting over from square one. I might need a little encouragement.


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