Merry Christmas, internet!

Hello again and Merry Christmas to everyone! Christmas really snuck up on me this year (but doesn’t it always?). I was all prepared with Christmas cards and presents, we got a real tree and decorated the house- and then all of a sudden, it was here and gone. We always try to make time for all our family and friends, which is tough when you have a lot of family and friends who live all over NJ, so you’re really trying to jam a lot of activities into a few days. Gary and I are planning our annual holiday get-together and now housewarming party for January! Can’t wait to have people over to see the place! We should probably finish our bathroom reno before they come though….

Gary and I went for a run on Christmas Eve before going to our first stop, my parents. It was cold and rainy. Much rainier than I expected. We went to a new park and ran one of the sidewalk loops and then decided to give it a rest because it was really rainy and my windbreaker wasn’t doing much to keep me dry.

24 running in the rain

Went out for a run this morning and then came back and lifted weights. Getting some use out of the weight bench! I pulled out the running plan I was using before we bought the house and went back to the beginning to start with some easier runs. The first one in the plan is a 1 min run/4 min walk X 5. I pushed a little harder during the 1 minute because a 4 min walk seems like a long time between intervals so I’d have more time to recover. Not a bad run, I figureĀ it was between 1.5 – 2 miles. Cold and dreary out on the canal today, but at least I had some solitude! During the summer this park is hopping – hard to even find a parking spot.

28 running on the canal

Then back to lift some weights. I did bench presses, bicep curls, dumbbell rows, tricep dips and shoulder presses, 3 sets of 10 reps each. I still need cinder blocks or something because my feet aren’t even close to touching the ground when I lay on the bench! Today I just brought my feet up onto the bench. Today, I am relaxing and enjoying some of my Christmas presents before we have to go back to work tomorrow!


Duo Workouts!

Gary and I have been taking a lot of time to get our house together. So far, we’ve made some minor changes around the house; new locks, new faucet, new bathroom light etc, and we’re getting the hang of the trash & recycling schedule, which I equate with being awesome at home ownership… although we don’t actually have a ladder, so the gutters are full of leaves. Gutters: “OM NOM NOM LEAVES”

We’ve painted some swatches on the walls to see how we like them. We haven’t gotten much farther than that.

There are several areas of the house that have become the depository for stuff we don’t know what to do with yet. The living room, kitchen & bathroom look pretty good (I think this is because we spend the most time in these rooms so we’re more anxious to make them look the way we want. Also, laziness.)

Last Monday I went for a run… before work. Yes, I went for a MORNING RUN. This is totally not my style, but now I live close enough to work that I can go for a quick run an hour before work and not be late!

I also ran on Sunday, which was my 30th birthday. Other than that, I haven’t run since my 5K. I took it easy on Sunday with a 1 min run/1 min walk for about twenty minutes. I drove down to the canal to run because it was flat and I wouldn’t encounter cars. While walking down my driveway I see a runner actually running on my road. I can’t tell if she’s insane or awesome. It does make me feel better about possibly running on the road. Also, she was wearing all black, which I know is crazy. My mom bought me hi-vis gloves for my birthday, so I know I’ll be better off then Maybe-Crazy-Running-Lady. I also chased a deer down the canal on my birthday run, which is my favorite thing that’s ever happened on a run so far.

We set up our weights and workout machines in the den in the basement and tonight we got a chance to come downstairs and work out together. I’m trying to incorporate more strength training into my routine for the winter with barbells and dumbells. Gary switched back and forth between the stationary bike and elliptical. I hopped on the elliptical first but could only muster about 3 minutes. Seriously, that thing separates the kittens from the cats. (our gender-neutral version of that one about the men and the boys, being separated and whatnot.)