New Nerd Fitness Challenge

I fell off the Nerd Fitness bandwagon (I have used that phrase like, three time in the past five minutes. It needs to be stopped) last year after my first challenge but I am BACK FOR MORE, BABY!

This time around my goals are simple and should help me ease back into running while sorting things out in the new HQ (AKA our new house). I plan to run at least three times a week, and if I can’t run due to dark / cold / bears, I will do some other kind of cardio workout video for at least thirty minutes.

I plan to try out ALL THE PARKS in my area to test out some new running grounds and hopefully find something that is nighttime-running-friendly.

I am going to work on getting a journal or day planner of some sort to track my mileage and info about workouts and such. I want to be able to see a quick summary of mileage and this year I actually want to track mileage. I want to set a mileage goal, but I’m not really sure what kind of mileage I’m doing now.

I plan to take pictures during each run so I can update on the blog. Also, it might help me take some time to just enjoy what I’m doing.

I plan to only drink water on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I plan to find fifty geocaches in the next six weeks.

The Nerd Fitness community seems to be full of awesome nerdy people who are more into nerdy stuff like, Star Wars, comic books, superheroes, and maybe not so much into the nerdy stuff I am into – I didn’t really have any luck making friends last time around. Some of them really get into the RPG aspect of things, but I have a little more trouble letting my guard down and just going for stuff – I worry too much that people will think what I’m doing or what I like is stupid. I’m too much of a worry wart! Also, I like SO MANY THINGS. How in the world could I pick just one of my favorite movies/shows/fandoms┬áto roleplay? Where would I even start?