It’s been SUPER COLD in the northeast the last few days. Thank God we have the treadmill, or I wouldn’t be doing anything! Gary and I have been trading off time on the treadmill. I am pleased to announce I am now 10.25 / 458 miles on the way to Rivendell. It’s sort of frustrating being so slow, because I really want to get there faster! I would love to log like, 4 miles a day, but I would have to set aside like an hour and a half, and that’s just not in the time budget. Outside, changing speeds when I feel like it, I can run a 15 minute mile, but it’s way different on the treadmill. I’ve been logging more like 19- 20 minute miles, but I think it’s my own fault – I have a tough time gauging what speeds I’m capable of so I just usually hit either 2.5 mph – 3 mph for the walking bits and 4 mph for running. Awesomely enough, 4 mph used to be hard for me when I’d run on the treadmill at work, but now I can push it up to 4.5 comfortably and even 5 miles when I did a ladder workout two weeks ago. I am trying to get used to changing it up based on how I feel.

I bought a new running app – Zombies, Run! I know, I’m a little late to the game, but I really struggle with spending money on ANYTHING for my phone. I found one majorly awesome thing about it and some slightly not-so-awesome things. First, the not-so-awesome – between the bits of dialogue, there is a lot of silence where they play music from your phone. It’s not-so-awesome if you don’t have music on your phone, because then you’ve got like three minutes of complete silence. I wish there was some generic rock music track – I don’t think my old iPhone has enough space on it to put music! I believe I can plug in an iPod to the treadmill to play music, so that might be a good work-around. Also slightly inconvenient: if you’re running on a treadmill, it doesn’t keep track of your distance, even if you set it to count your paces or tell it what speed you’re running. I can enter it manually on the website, but I have to be on a computer to do it – can’t do it on my phone.

Now for the majorly awesome- while I’m listening to the dialogue, I’m not paying any attention to the time ticking slowly by on the treadmill display. I’m not waiting anxiously to see the tenths of a mile tick away slower and slower. I can just run. It’s the first time I can just run and have fun on a treadmill!

I am not sure we are still doing the fitness challenge at work – we were supposed to start a biggest loser challenge. The person organizing it sort of neglected to tell me that the buy-in changed, and one of our co-workers recently experienced an awful tragedy, so I kind of want to put any money I can toward helping them. Although I can see that everyone is making changes, sort of like that one episode of The Office where each branch was competing against the others in a weight-loss challenge… people are eating healthier, working out more… it’s unnatural.

I’m starting another six-week challenge on Nerd Fitness. My goals are: BE MORE CONSISTENT, STAY HYDRATED, WALK/RUN TO MORDOR, and FINISH WINTER PROJECTS. More on this to follow.


New Nerd Fitness Challenge

I fell off the Nerd Fitness bandwagon (I have used that phrase like, three time in the past five minutes. It needs to be stopped) last year after my first challenge but I am BACK FOR MORE, BABY!

This time around my goals are simple and should help me ease back into running while sorting things out in the new HQ (AKA our new house). I plan to run at least three times a week, and if I can’t run due to dark / cold / bears, I will do some other kind of cardio workout video for at least thirty minutes.

I plan to try out ALL THE PARKS in my area to test out some new running grounds and hopefully find something that is nighttime-running-friendly.

I am going to work on getting a journal or day planner of some sort to track my mileage and info about workouts and such. I want to be able to see a quick summary of mileage and this year I actually want to track mileage. I want to set a mileage goal, but I’m not really sure what kind of mileage I’m doing now.

I plan to take pictures during each run so I can update on the blog. Also, it might help me take some time to just enjoy what I’m doing.

I plan to only drink water on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I plan to find fifty geocaches in the next six weeks.

The Nerd Fitness community seems to be full of awesome nerdy people who are more into nerdy stuff like, Star Wars, comic books, superheroes, and maybe not so much into the nerdy stuff I am into – I didn’t really have any luck making friends last time around. Some of them really get into the RPG aspect of things, but I have a little more trouble letting my guard down and just going for stuff – I worry too much that people will think what I’m doing or what I like is stupid. I’m too much of a worry wart! Also, I like SO MANY THINGS. How in the world could I pick just one of my favorite movies/shows/fandoms to roleplay? Where would I even start?


I have off today! Yay! My husband and I slept in until a respectable time, around 10 AM. I played videogames for breakfast, and then decided to head out on my run. I joined the Nerd Fitness Rebellion and I am about two weeks into the first challenge. In addition to running four times a week, I set a goal for myself to also add three strength training sessions a week. I earn points for each workout I complete. I think I did three last week? I’m not sure, I wasn’t very good about taking notes this week. I planned to do one more strength training yesterday to finish up week two (just in case I didn’t do three sessions) but my sister came to visit, and we started playing board games, and then I had a margarita, and I decided lifting weights was a bad idea, so I skipped it. and I don’t care.

I screwed up. I won’t earn the points for the missed workout. At the beginning of the challenge, I was completely gung-ho about DOING ALL THE WORKOUTS. Even though I wasn’t comparing myself to anyone else, in the back of my head, I wanted to win. I wanted to be perfect. I struggle with trying to be perfect, trying to succeed at everything – trying too hard has never gotten me anywhere, and of course, it’s a goal I will never attain. I’m realistic about it – I know it’s not possible, but I want it anyway.  I’ve spent many years beating myself up for not being right, or good, or perfect, or the best.

So I’m choosing to view this skipped workout as a blessing. I’m not going to beat myself up for not completely attaining my workout goal when I actually sort of leveled-up on social, family, and fun goals. I’ve been thinking about this being one of my unofficial side-quests during my challenge; not succeeding at something. Well, yay! I have succeeded at… failing! and the world didn’t end! I have unlocked the Doomsday trophy.

After a nice, relaxing morning, I laced up my sneakers for my Monday run. I was fully expecting it to be brisk and biting and ugly cold, so I bundled up especially warm… and halfway through my run I wanted desperately to strip down to my t-shirt. It is unseasonably warm for New Jersey in January.

I started the third week of the Couch to 5K today! I was hoping to run at least a mile and a half, and I ran more like a mile and three quarters, so that’s awesome! Both my feet started falling asleep today, which is SO WEIRD because it hasn’t happened in a few weeks. I didn’t really stretch well before I ran today, maybe I tied my shoes too tight… I’ll try stretching more often this week (before and after runs) and see if that makes a difference.