This Is a Game Changer

Today, I explored  I’ve been putting it off mainly because I don’t want to have to carry anything when I run, especially my new iPhone. It’s my first smartphone (I know, under what rock have I been living?) and I’m so protective! I decided to just get over it. I’ll have to look into getting one of those armbands so I won’t have to carry it.

I made a playlist with a few songs at about a 15 minute pace, a few around 16 minutes, and one “reach” song at a 10 minute pace. I put in my sneakers, popped in my headphones, and set out for my run. Right off the bat, I liked it because I couldn’t hear my awful breathing. I didn’t stress about it so much and it was able to stay more focused. My third song was Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So, which is a freaking amazing song, and is also slightly faster than my comfortable pace. I pushed myself to keep up. It felt amazing. I had, like, a spiritual moment. I FELT SO FREE. I FELT LIKE I COULD CONQUER THE WORLD.

Then at the end of my run, just as I was arriving home, a Ke$ha song came on. I ran past the door and for an extra three minutes, which put me over my anticipated distance for today, but I was so pumped up. I’ll admit it, Ke$ha is kind of my guilty pleasure. I feel no shame. Then I realized I had lost a glove somewhere along the way, so I had to take another loop around the block to find it. It was actually warm enough that I didn’t need to wear a scarf and I took my gloves off mid-run. I saw about twenty robins today, and I am very ready to welcome spring! Seriously, Winter, no one likes you anymore. Just… go away.

Tomorrow I take a day off, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

I’ve run a total of nearly 22 miles this month – woohoo! I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Janathon and Junathon. I’m not sure I’m in shape enough to participate this year, but it is a challenge I’m looking forward to!



In Your Pants

So I had to wear jeans to work today – actually, I wear jeans everyday, but today they are denim and every other day they are black. More business appropriate. I am preparing myself to face all of the people who will wonder why my attire is so casual today and am trying to figure out how to do so with brevity : “I’m having some car trouble and it had to be towed to a garage last night right after work, which left me without any pants.”

I said it in my head and it made me crack up, and I realized it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to say it out loud to anyone. Why wasn’t I wearing my work pants if this happened right after work? I was in my running clothes, and my work clothes were in my gym bag… which was in the car.

Car issues should be fixed soon! and in a not super expensive way! which makes me a happy girl. It also means my routine can go back to (basically) normal.

My run last night, by the way, was tough, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because I was on the treadmill and not outside. I noticed that my upper body muscles were really tense and, although I wasn’t breathing as hard as when I run outside,  I felt like it was taking more out of me than a normal outside run. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the treadmill. I took it easy on myself and did the 2nd day of the C25K, Week 3. I also did some lifting using the machines at the gym. I know how to use most of them, but I’m never sure if I’m using the right ones, or in the right order. Normally I just search for strength training videos on Youtube, but I’d like to get a little more knowledgable about weight lifting and like, the muscle groups, and figure out a good routine. I didn’t feel any knee pain, and that’s awesome!

I feel like I should be writing right now

but I’m not sure I have anything interesting to say.

[January 28] I’ve had to take off three days from my running to let my knee fully recuperate. THREE DAYS! In runner’s time, this is basically forever. PEOPLE RUN MARATHONS IN LESS TIME THAN THAT and I’ve just been sitting on the couch. I feel like I am right back where I started. I’m slightly convinced that all of the progress I’ve made over the past 6 months has totally reversed itself. Like the time I was writing a 10 page paper in college and I accidentally kicked the cord out of my computer and it shut down. AND I HADN’T SAVED. and it was losit forever. All that work
gone, and I have to do it over again. (and you know, it’s just never going to be as good as it was the first time around.) I can’t wait to get back into my routine!

[January 29] I started this post yesterday and planned to finish it up after my run last night, but there was a problem with my car when I was leaving the gym, and it had to be towed. I’m hoping it’s not super expensive! I know that’s what our savings are for, but it still freaks me out a little! My husband and I are carpooling back and forth to work until we find out what’s wrong with it. What was I saying about getting back into my routine?  I spoke too soon!

oh, hey, in other news, my blog is over a month old!

Injured and On the Bench

Two days ago, I had a crappy run and I did some strength training, and at some point, I hurt my knee. I started noticing it towards the end of my strength training, but it’s really in full force today. I postponed yesterday’s run to today and tried to just stay off it, and today, I gave it a little test run indoors and it still hurt too much. I was worried if I ran outside, even if I took it slow, I would make it worse. I hate being sidelined by something I can’t control – it feels like punishment. It’s probably better to stay off it and not injure myself further, but I can’t wait to get back into gear! I’m a bad invalid. I just can’t sit still!

Icky Run

Today was an icky day overall. I determined early on that this day was just not working for me. Traffic in the morning made me late, my grandfather is in the hospital (he’s stable-ish for now, but apparently he’s saying some weird things), annoying crap happened at work. I decided to run it out, like a rage-run. I might run faster just because I’m mad. It’s a speed run today, so I figured I might be able to beat my best mile.

By the time I got home, I wasn’t mad anymore, I was just sad and tired. I decided to run anyway and try to find some inner strength. I needed to be cleansed, redeemed but all I got was a whole lot of BLEH. It was really cold today, and although the run was great for, like, five minutes, after about fifteen minutes all the life was drained out of me and my legs decided they just didn’t have another fifteen minutes in them. So I just turned towards home. It wasn’t a bad run when I compared it to other speedy runs, but it just didn’t give me what I wanted emotionally. It just didn’t break down the walls inside my head. I had no bursts of speed when I needed them, no runner’s high, no second wind.  I love how running can fix everything, but today was just not working for me.

Checking In – Today’s Run

In order to stick to my workout plan, I need to run three more times this week and I really wanted to make today a running day. I packed up my gym bag and toted it off to work. I was going to force myself to run on the treadmill, although I wind up running a shorter distance with greater effort, and I hate it. At the end of the day I decided I really hated the treadmill THAT MUCH and I’d rather just drive home and bundle up to run outside before it got too dark. Maybe running on the treadmill would have been a better idea – it’s pretty cold out there! I think I jinxed us all when I said it was unseasonably warm a few days ago.

I bundled myself up and set out. Even though I know the longer runs are SUPPOSED to be slower, I always cross my fingers that I’ll surprise myself and beat a mile in fifteen minutes, and then there will be much rejoicing – so far, not quite there yet. Hit my mile at about 16:30, but the really awesome part is that I ran the whole time… in the cold… on snowy sidewalks. My legs were a little mad at me, but not too bad – the frustrating part is how my nose runs because it’s winter, so every other breath is a giant sniff. I think it throws off my breathing a little, and I’m learning that breathing the wrong way actually tires me out a lot faster. I’m hoping to see some improvement as the weather warms up.

My run was supposed to be 30 minutes, but I cut it short by ten minutes because it was getting dark and I’m not about to test my night vision looking for icy patches. I’ll stop for dinner and then jump back into weights or yoga or zumba or whatever youtube video I land on tonight.

Hey, another cool thing is that I can compare previous runs with Garmin Connect (Thanks for the GPS watch, Mom!) and I just compared my last three slower recovery runs:

January 9th: average speed: 3.3 mph – avg pace: 18:09 mile/min

January 18: average speed: 3.4 mph – avg pace: 17:29 mile/min

January 23: average speed: 3.5 mph – avg pace: 16:57 mile/min


It’s winter in New Jersey – sometimes it snows.

We got slammed with snow yesterday – the commute home was really treacherous. I hadn’t even planned to leave work early and then I took a look outside…


Snow like that kind of puts a kink in your running plans. The roads are great to run on where they were plowed right down to the asphalt, but they don’t really do that in our township, so we’ll have some pretty slipper surfaces for a while, and I’m not about to tempt falling on my face. It’s a nice face. I like it.

I shoveled snow for an hour and a half last night to dig our cars out so we could get to work this morning – and then we both got snow days. We are really lucky that our employers close in inclement weather. I’ve had jobs where they didn’t care what was happening outside, they wanted you there to work, no matter how dangerous it was.

Bombogenesis… really? At least it’s kind of a scientific term though.